Hi. My Name is Kanye and I’m an Idiot.

It’s not hard to do something a bit on the stupid side. I find myself doing those sorts of things all the time. However, I try to avoid the incredibly stupid acts in public.  This is where Kanye West and I differ. This seems to be a guy with no internal filter. It’s not like the Katrina thing a couple of years ago wasn’t bad enough. You remember, his statement that “George Bush doesn’t care about black people” during the NBC special trying to raise money for the Red Cross. The one that left poor Mike Myers looking like he’d been hit by a truck?

Too Much Cognac?

Too Much Cognac?

Apparently, every situation brings a new potential for foot-in-mouth disease for KW. I haven’t watched the Video Music Awards in years. The last time, Courtney Love was making a fool of herself during a live interview of Madonna. I guess it was Kanye’s turn this year.

I’m not a big fan of Taylor Swift, and I don’t think I’ve seen the video that won her the Best Female Video honors. Still, for West to go onstage, grab the microphone from her and go on about he though Beyonce was robbed because she had the best video in history seems a little… out there.

Grace Under Pressure

Grace Under Pressure

Obviously, the MTV folks aren’t too good at policing who goes on stage or when. I’ve heard from a guy who knows a guy who’s a road manager for someone who’s been on tour with Ms. Swift that she can be a piece of work. If that’s the case, she should have taken that moon man she won and clocked Kanye with it the moment he disrupted her acceptance speech. Certainly would have served him right. Selling some CDs isn’t permission to be an a**hole.

It looked as if Beyonce was as surprised as anyone in the hall at the outburst. The incredibly sad thing about it is if the moron had waited a few minutes he would have seen her win Video of the Year, making his entire outburst pointless. Of course, he went to his website and apologized, much like he’s apologized for other stupid things he’s done.

He was one of the first guests on the new Jay Leno show, which gave him another opportunity to apologize. It seems he has not had the proper amount of time to properly grieve his late mother. That is sad, only because he’s trying to use his dead mother as an excuse for his incredibly stupid behavior. Dude, if you need time to cope with something that happened two years ago, and you didn’t take it, who’s fault is that? I am not making light of the fact he lost someone dear to him. It happens to all of us. I lost my dad three years ago and wasn’t quite ready to go back to work when I did. However, it was something I had to deal with, so I did.

There’s too many idiots in the world today. We all need a break from them. So, if you’re an idiot, do the rest of us a favor and keep to yourself for a while, okay?


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