There’s something to be said about timing.  Peak too soon, there’s sure to be a let down when it really matters. Peak too late, and you’re not ready when the time comes.

Maybe I should use a picture of a roller coaster!

Maybe I should use a picture of a roller coaster!

I think that’s what happened last week.  I hit a new low weight on Saturday, and couldn’t carry through to the weigh in the following Tuesday.  Of course, the barbecue I had on Labor Day probably didn’t help. I’ve been careful this week — not too draconian, not too laissez-faire as far as the diet goes.  My doctor put me on mega-doses of Advil, so my knee hurts a lot less. Enough less that I’m jogging a lot more than I had been (I don’t want to insult running by calling what I’ve been doing “running”).

I’m still getting that wicked rebound on Wednesdays. I skip dinner Monday nights to put in a better position for the weigh-in the next morning. I actually think I’m helping myself.  Since I’m in a bar playing trivia every Monday, I don’t know that bar food would be the best way to prepare. I get up a extra early on Tuesday more a bit more workout than usual.  Since I’ve weighed in that morning, I skip an evening working and eat a small dinner.  By the time I get on the scale Wednesday, I’ve usually jumped up 2 or 3 pounds (or more). So before I can start working on losing weight for next week’s weigh-in, I’ve got to re-lose weight I’ve regained from the previous week.

The good news is that there are only 4 more weigh-ins left.  While I’m trailing in percentage of total weight lost (in second, but a co-worker is coming up on the outside).  I may be able to retake the lead in actual pounds lost. While that doesn’t determine the overall winner, there’s still a prize. I’d like to be able to salvage something out of this. As it turns out, my high school reunion is the week of the final weigh-in. So, I not only have the benefit of losing some weight, which is what I wanted in the first place, I’m also making my doctor happy… I might win some money… and I won’t be the most out-of-shape person when I see some of these people for the first time since 1974.


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