Where Have You Been?

Frankly, I’ve been a little busy.  Not necessarily too busy to blog, but busy enough for it to drop a little on the priority list.  That’s not a bad thing; it’s better to be busy than not — especially for a guy who has been out of work recently.



There’s an AARP commercial on right now, showing cars trying to block an ambulance while the voice over talks about the rumors and fear tactics some are using to try and derail health care reform. Okay, here’s my thing — do the people who are dead set against reform really believe that health care in this country doesn’t need some kind of reform? Copays could be lower. Small companies can’t always afford to give employees the same blanket coverage that bigger companies do.  And let’s talk about “death panels…” don’t those already exist in the form of insurance company bureaucrats who routinely deny coverage to people who desperately need it?  Is there no outrage on the right because the current problems are caused by private business?

Needs Some Fixin'

Needs Some Fixin'

Now, about not wanting the government involved in providing insurance coverage.  Insurance companies won’t provide flood insurance because of the risk. That is, companies can’t sell enough coverage to people who probably won’t be affected by floods.  That would give them enough money to cover people who would be affected. As a result, the federal government created a program to make sure the people who are at risk can buy coverage. Where’s the outrage from the right on that?

If you’re retired, and don’t have the income to pay for your own health care coverage anymore, the federal government provides (gives) health insurance in the form of Medicare.  Did you know that former President Harry Truman was signed up as the first Medicare recipient?  If you’re poor enough to be unable to afford any type of coverage, the federal government (with the states) provides health insurance in the form of Medicaid. So, the feds already provide health insurance. The only outrage I’ve heard is from seniors who don’t want government-run healthcare to affect their government-run healthcare.



And what about the goober who decided to heckle the president during his address to Congress? Never mind that as a member of Congress, you should have enough class to comport yourself while representing the American people. Never mind that his claim that “the plan” provides medical coverage for illegal immigrants is nonsensical (they can go to an emergency room now and get free coverage paid for by… that’s right, taxpayers). Never mind that he’s heckling the President of the United States. Not to play the race card, but ask any black person you know — we are all convinced that something like that would have never have happened had the president been white.

There was a piece on the news this week pointing out that Congressional Republicans pretty much agree with the concepts of health care reform (except for a public option). But it seems the conservative debate is being driven by people like Rush and Glen Beck (who was a clown when he worked for CNN. Nice to see he hasn’t changed).

BIG Government

BIG Government

The previous administration (Republican and conservative) was responsible for the biggest increase in government bureaucracy in U.S. history (Dept. of Homeland Security… look it up). Not to mention a two-front war that has cost billions of dollars (and contrary to what the former vice president suggested, oil revenue from Iraq is not and will not pay for our presence there).  And it allowed the lax oversight that led to one of the bigger economic meltdowns in U.S. history.

There’s nothing wrong with being fiscally or politically conservative. There’s no crime in not wanting to spend hard-earned money. But instead of parroting the party line of negativity, which seems to only call for being against any efforts to accomplish anything; how about coming up with an actual, workable plan — instead of just saying “no?”  I know… outrageous.

7 thoughts on “Where Have You Been?

  1. What’s wrong with saying to NO to something you don’t believe in. And what about parroting NO to anything that the Republicans wanted to add to the bill?

    Apparently for the President and the writers of HR3200 it’s not what you say, it’s what you don’t say.

    See the following 2 items.

    and this from a Red State.com blog:

    “President Obama’s canard on illegal aliens came moments after saying “no federal dollars will be used to fund abortions.” The Democrats have, however, already given away the game.

    Republicans on the House Energy and Commerce Committee were able, by one vote, to include specific language in H.R. 3200, the Democrats’ health-care legislation, prohibiting funding of abortions. Henry Waxman, chairman of the committee, recessed the committee, then, upon reconvening, held the vote again, and the amendment died by one vote.

    The Democrats now hide behind the Hyde Amendment, which prohibits government funding of abortions specifically funded through the Department of Health and Human Services. What the Democrats fail to mention is they have structured H.R. 3200 so that any funds for their health-care plan will not come through the Department of Health and Human Services’ appropriations process. Therefore, the Hyde Amendment would not apply, and abortions can be funded.”

    And another point to be made. The President lectured young adults who usually don’t want to purchase insurance that they would add an unfair burden to taxpayers. Illegal immigrants won’t however. It will be far better for citizens of other countries than for our own citizens to not have to pay for health care.

    I agree. Outrageous.

    • There’s absolutely nothing wrong with disagreeing with a plan that you don’t like…
      My point is that the GOP fights health care reform every time a Democratic admin. pushes for it… but never comes up with any reforms of their own when they control Congress and the White House (like they did during most of the previous administration). And how about this nugget — nearly 30% of Americans are ALREADY in a government-sponsored health insurance plan.
      And back to the illegal immigrant thing, it’s not in the bill. In fact, the House bill prohibits spending federal money to help illegals get health care coverage. The link you posted points that out as well, suggesting the only way it’s gonna cost us anything is if nobody checks ID when people are trying to buy federal coverage.
      On the abortion issue, remember, a proposal, even if it’s actually in the bill, doesn’t make it law. And even if it is really in the bill, and did somehow become law, there’s a pretty good chance that the conservative-dominated Supreme Court would strike that part of a law once someone sued over it.

  2. Well done Mr. Johnson, and when ou get someone who will show or make an attempt at a workable plan, please put it on your blog!!! I’m not saying there isn’t one, but having seen or heard it around here… and people we can disagree and still get alone…

  3. Good post, Doug. Conservatives talk about how health care reform will cost us too much…But the current health care system already costs us too much, and we’re paying it out of our own pockets–in the form of higher premiums, higher co-pays and lost raises that our employers can’t afford to give us because they are spending so much on the rising cost of health insurance. Something needs to be done to control the spiraling cost of health care before it bankrupts us all. And in my opinion, only the government has the power to do that. The insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, doctors and hospitals have no incentive to control costs under the current system–they just pass them on to us. Nothing’s going to change unless the government steps in.
    I was really baffled for a while about the hysterical and crazy attacks on the president. I had liked to think that most Americans had put our racist past behind us. But the hysterical hatred of Obama by a certain segment of the population only makes sense when you realize it’s racism, pure and simple. Some people just can’t accept that Obama is our lawfully elected president because he’s black. It seems crazy, but racists did a lot of other things to black folks–especially black men–that seem really crazy to us now–like lynching. It’s no wonder that rabid racists would have such a hard time accepting a black man in a position of authority. What is surprising and disconcerting is that there are still so many secret–and sometimes not so secret–rabid racists in America today. I also think it borders on criminal how Glenn Beck and company keep whipping up the crazies to a frenzy with their over-the-top rhetoric. If some misguided weirdo tries to kill the president, I think we know where to lay the blame.

  4. Seems to be a lot of contestants in the Olympic event “Jumping to Conclusions”. Just because you disagree with the policies and philosophies of a president who is black doesn’t make someone racist. Just like those who disagreed with conservative presidents are not necessarily socialists or communists. Although…
    And on the subject of over-the-top rhetoric the word “Nazi” came out of the mouth of an unnamed Speaker of the House. Sure glad that didn’t stoke any fires.
    Also interesting is the fact that if there is no coverage for illegals and no government payment for abortions, then NOW and Planned Parenthood sure are quiet as is La Raza and other Hispanic groups, and that language to plug each of those even remotely possible provisions was drawn up after the President’s speech.

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