I was never happier to hear the two words the Wii Fit said to me after my Sunday workout.  After nearly a year of the d#*% thing telling me “that’s obese” whenever it weighed me, today it said “that’s overweight,” meaning my BMI was under 30 (29.89 to be exact).  It’s listing me at 208.8 pounds after a very busy Sunday of yard work, putting a table together and exercise.

Made my goal!

Made my goal!

I thought I’d be lucky to match last week’s weight.  The guy who’s been leading the weight loss contest at work since week 1 will be out of town on weigh-in day this week, so I knew that unless someone else has an incredible week, I’d have at least one week at number one. Knowing that, I indulged myself more than a bit, eating almost normally all week, even letting one of the other producers at work treat me to ribs for lunch on Friday. Then I had a big lunch on Saturday before heading off to a shrimp boil at a friend’s house.

Even after a little French toast on Sunday, I was able to burn off a lot more weight than I expected.  Even better, I was at the doctor’s office on Thursday, my cholesterol is down around 150 (lowest in years) and my blood pressure was 110/60 (also lowest in years).  It’s either the exercise or the fact I’m away from the big boss at my old job (who’s main purpose in life seems to be making people miserable).

My doc and his medical student even had some good advice to help me deal with the tweak in my left knee.  I though without being able to run, I would be able to drop much weight.  Doesn’t look like that’s going to be a problem. In fact, I should be able to let the inflammation heal while continuing to lose. Yay me!

When I started all this, I was willing to be content to get down to around 210, particularly since it’s not so easy for me to lose weight anymore.  Now that I’m past that, I’m going to go ahead and attempt to get down to 200.  I’m just glad I kept all my small pants from the last time I was this size.

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