This is one of those blog posts where you know you’re going to end up in a pit of fire because you’re just wrong for doing it… but you do it anyway. I had to be reminded today that the great Don Knotts had passed away several years ago, which led to talk of other members of the “Three’s Company” cast and the recent imbroglio involving one of the cast members.

Very Cute

Very Cute

While I watched the show and never had a doubt about John Ritter’s comedic talent, I always kinda had a thing for Janet, played by Joyce DeWitt (what can I say, I like brunettes).  Anyway, I thought she was overshadowed by the jiggle factor that took over Suzanne Somers’ career. And unlike Somers, DeWitt seemed to completely vanish after the show ended.

Well, time marches on, and people do whatever it is that people do.  Ms. DeWitt has a website, and for a reasonable fee, will be happy to autograph a photo of herself for you. Which is nice. The “Whatever Happened To:” site notes she just finished a movie recently and has plans to continue acting. Which is also nice.

I was also reminded that Joyce had a recent brush with law enforcement in Southern California.  According to news reports, she was stopped and cited for driving under the influence on the fourth of July near a park in El Segundo.  Fortunately, no one was hurt, and I certainly understand that on occasion, people get in the drive and drive when she shouldn’t.



Okay, I know she’s 60, and I’m sure she was upset about having to go down to the station and sit for a mugshot. Honestly, this isn’t really how I wanted to see her. It seems that one purpose for the Internet is to make sure celebrities of every age see their shame paraded in front of as many people as humanly possible.

Something else pointed out to me; go to Google images and search “Joyce DeWitt mugshot.” If one is bad, how about an entire computer screen full?

Here’s the other thing. If you watched “Three’s Company,” you know that the production company and the network booted Suzanne Somers off the show when her manager husband tried to get her a new deal taking advantage of her surge in popularity.

Out to Sea

Out to Sea

Talk about landing well. After a couple of other sitcoms, Somers did the Thighmaster thing and fronted a number of other products on the Home Shopping Network. After 17 years there, she’s moving over to ShopNBC to sell more stuff.  If you go to her website, you can see the corporate behemoth she’s become. She’s even got her own cruise!

I know, I know. Circumstances are completely different as far as the pictures go. This shot of Somers is as airbrushed as it can be and still look like her.  Plus lighting and makeup and all the rest. Thing is, if people know who you are, you have to keep that in mind. I used to keep that in mind back in the days when there was a chance people might recognize me from the news. I was lucky; they usually thought I was Greeley Kyle from Action News 5.

Lemme say this; Joyce, if you’re going to stop by the Regal Beagle for a few, call for a ride.  We’ll make sure you get home next time.


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