It’s Clobberin’ Time!

Big Money!

Big Money!

Talk about your blockbusters — Disney writes a check for $4 billion (billion with a B) to acquire Marvel Entertainment — home of Spider-Man, the X-Men, Fantastic Four, Iron Man and my fave, Captain America.

It’s a great opportunity for the Mouse House.  They’re getting their hands on 5,000 characters that are doing particularly well right now. Spidey’s cranking out a few more sequels. They keep making Hulk movies that no one watches. The X-Men movies were okay… except that “Wolverine” thing.  “Iron Man” rocked, and it was pretty cool how Robert Downey, Jr. showed up at the end of the last Hulk.

Disney already has ABC and ESPN, plus Mickey, Goofy, Donald and all the rest of the Walt’s gang, along with Pixar, which they gobbled up in 2006.  Now you can add the Thing, Thor, the Avengers and the rest of the Marvel group.

Meet the New Boss

Meet the New Boss

Now, I don’t think this means Diane Sawyer will go from Good Morning America to hooking up with Tony Stark. Mostly because she’s married and he’s fictional. But I’m sure there’s going to be some kind of attempted synergy before long. Marvel had a few movie deals in place with other studios; it’ll be interesting to see how all of that gets sorted out.

Time Warner owns DC Comics.  Most of the DC characters that have been showing up in movies lately are in Warner Brothers’ films, which makes the most sense. Why let another studio make money from your properties? I’m sure Disney will eventually try and work that out with their new toys before long.

Read & laugh

Read & laugh

And I’m not one of those people who think Disney is bad just because they’re big. Hey, I used to draw a paycheck from Time Warner – the biggest media company in the world. But here’s a funny web comic dealing with the concept of a Disney-ized Marvel: Something Positive.  Don’t dawdle, the artist usually puts a new strip up daily.

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