Getting There...

Getting There...

Another up and down week, although it’s ended on the down side for a change.  I’ve been going through a bounce on Tuesdays and Wednesdays after the big weigh-ins at work. I cut back on Sunday & Monday, then after eating normally and taking a break from working out, my weight has been shooting up in mid-week. I was so busy on Saturday that I actually never got around to eating until after going to a concert with a couple of hotties (one blonde, one brunette).  I actually lost weight between Saturday and Sunday before working out. It’s a good sign that your appetite is under control when you don’t eat by habit.

If anything, it’s good that I’m making the progress that I am. I’ve got a doctor’s visit Thursday, and he had been on me my last visit to drop a few pounds. It’s always nice to go into one of those visits expecting a little praise. As important (to me), I’m only a couple of pounds away from the Wii Fit telling me that I’m “overweight,” instead of “obese.”  That’s something I haven’t heard since owning the thing, and I’m looking forward to it.

The funny thing about losing weight (“The?”  There are a lot of funny things, actually) is noticing the change.  I’ve still got a spare tire, and am more pear shaped than I care to be. I gain and lose uniformly, so it’s hard to notice specific change — that is, when I look in the mirror, I pretty much see the same thing every day. I pretty much have to depend on people who don’t see me every day to notice the change.

Hitting the Town

I mentioned going to a show with a couple of hotties Saturday night. Women who used to be in the news business know how to swing. I had passed on a chance to swing by the Levitt Shell at Overton Park. I had kinda wanted to go because Jimbo Matthus was on the bill, and I’m a big Squirrel Nut Zippers fan (new album coming out in October called Lost At Sea). Anyway, I ended up at the Bartlett Performing Arts Center for a “Symphonic All-Duke Ellington Night,” with pianist Donald Brown and Joyce Cobb (who was in good voice, by the way).  Interesting, I don’t think we were the oldest people there, which is good. Anyway, check out the Center, they’ve got Nat King Cole’s brother coming up, as well as Chuck Leavell of the Allman Brothers Band in October.


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