Eight Days a Week

Mac doing the line

Mac doing the line

Sometimes, I feel like time is the fire in which we burn… (okay, not because I’ve read the poem “Calmly we walk through this April’s day,” but because Malcolm McDowell used that line in “Star Trek Generations.”

It’s really been one of those weeks.  I’ve either been doing stuff at work, going to places after work, working out… getting ready to do one of those things, or trying to recover from just having done one of those things.  It doesn’t seem as if I’ve had a spare moment all week.  Which is one of the reasons I’ve fallen behind in blogging (it’s a little bit scary when Joe Larkins posts more in a week than I do… which is not a knock, it’s just that Joe has a lot of important stuff to do and I usually don’t).

But man, two video shoots, logging both tapes (logging is about the dullest work on earth), trying to keep up my workout schedule, finish up several scripts, fielding client calls, trying to set up other stories and going to a wake (sad loss for a good friend) has left me wondering where the week went.

I wish all I had facing me after work was a soft couch and an empty weekend… but I skipped exercising Friday morning, so I have to drag my still oversize backside out when I get home. Saturday, I’ve got people coming over to take some furniture in the morning… and I promised two women (!!) I’d go to a concert with them Saturday night.  I may have a minute to relax on Sunday, ’cause I’m back in business Monday morning, and lemme quote “Aldo the Apache,” “bidness is boomin’!”

Box of Vision

the-beatles-box-of-visionimage_artbookI’ve been a Beatles fan since I was 8. No apologies.  Over 300 Beatles songs on the iPod I’m listening to right now (“Happiness is a Warm Gun”).  I just got my “Box of Vision” shipped to me yesterday. In the words of the  ad, it’s a collectible storage box for your Fab Four collection, including a 200-page, LP-sized book containing all of band’s UK and US album artwork, a Catalography guide to the band’s albums, and a patented storage book for organizing and displaying your collection of albums, from Please Please Me through Love.

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