What’s the Point?

Sorry about being AWOL Wednesday. I was overcome with fatigue… and even though the couch is leather, it’s soft and inviting. By the way, this is post #100!

Time for Jay!

Time for Jay!?

Anyway, I’ve been watching all the spots on NBC (and cable and online) for the Jay Leno Show, which premieres in a couple of weeks (9pm Central). Rather than bring back the time-honored tradition of variety shows, it seems like the network is just pushing Jay’s version of the Tonight Show back an hour-and-a-half. At least, that’s the impression I get from the clips showing up on TV, which all seem to be collections of favorite bits from Tonight.

Who's on First?

Who Fails First?

I know NBC’s been having problems finding good end-of-prime-time programming for the 9pm slot, and stripping the Leno show there five nights a week will make things a lot easier on programmers. But what will NBC do if Jay tanks in prime time?  Conan’s not doing so well at 10:35 — do they just put everybody back where they were? That would be embarrassing.

I think Jay’s a pretty funny guy, although I was never a huge fan of his version of the Tonight Show (Jaywalking is flat out cruel in the ways it points out how stupid some folks are). When I’m up, I watch Letterman (although I don’t watch him as much as I used to). I saw Leno live once, even feeding him a set up line and let him zing me while he was taking questions from the audience (it doesn’t matter who gets the laugh as long as there is a laugh).

Stay Tuned for Comedy!

Stay Tuned for Comedy!

Hey NBC, if you get in trouble, how about bringing back network television’s first late-night comedy-variety series “Broadway Open House?” I know there’s no way to get Jerry Lester and Dagmar, but there are short comics and tall blondes out there who are looking for work…

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