Do What?

Move, Darn Ya, Move!!!!

Move, Darn Ya, Move!!!!

Thursday: unless I hit the lottery or have a good idea in the next few hours, there won’t be a new blog on Thursday.

Not that I’m complaining, but geez! I think my scale is conspiring against me. I hopped on the WiiFit after running this morning and it showed that I had lost a couple of pounds… which is good.

I get to work and hop on my own scale, which we’re using for our company fitness contest… and I’m only down 0.6 of a pound!  Tried a couple more times to see if the thing was just messing with me, but no… it wasn’t going to give me a better result.  So, depending on which scale I want to trust, I’ve either lost 13 pounds or 15 pounds. Either way, I shouldn’t complain.

The upside of running and doing some WiiFit this morning is that I don’t have to worry about getting exercise after work tonight.  Especially since a shoot I was on ran long… and I had a touch of paperwork to catch up on at the office.  Right about the time I was ready to head home, the skies opened up. I mean hard. Dry as a bone for 40 minutes, then a gullywasher hits.  I check the radar on the Weather Channel’s site and see that it’s going to be raining for a while.  Great.

Just after that, we started having power interruptions at the office, so I figured that I’d better save this post while I could, knowing I could always add more later.  I headed home, but had to take a couple of detours when I saw that parts of Poplar and Poplar Pike were so far underwater that cars were stalling. I barely got to my neighborhood store in time to buy a Powerball ticket.  C’mon, the jackpot is a quarter of a billion… I had to play…


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