Face to Face

Facebook Monday

Facebook Monday

Wednesday: Where’s the Beef!

I had 6 interviews scheduled Monday, but two people ended up having to cancel.  Which was fine, after all, talking about colons isn’t necessarily something you wan to do all day.  Between appointments, I referenced the project on Facebook, which brought a flood of comments from a bunch of folks I know (including one who was getting ready to anchor a noon newscast).



And the people I know who didn’t comment on that decided to comment on a quiz I took. Let me say that the only reason I can identify McDonald’s products so easily is because I worked there in high school and college.

While I was on FB, I got to take a look at a few photos from the going-away party I attended on Saturday. Nice to revisit an afternoon where only a couple of people tried to embarrass me (thanks guys). I’d tell the story here, but it was embarrassing, and could embarrass someone else too… So my lips are sealed on that one.

Celebrity Drive By

Today's Celebrity Visitor

Today's Celebrity Visitor

I was on a call with two people and trying to return a text from one of the people who had to cancel when we had a brush with greatness in the bullpen today. One of the producers is working with Alexis Grace, who was very good on “American Idol” this season. They came into the office while I was on the phone. Turns out they’re both big Pittsburgh Steelers fans. I didn’t go into “fan” mode, since I was doing so much other stuff at that moment, but from what I could gather, she seemed really nice and down-to-earth… which is pretty much what everyone said during her Idol run. While we didn’t get a chance to chat, we did the eye-contact, head-nod. It’s nice to see people relatively unaffected by fame.

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