moving the right way...

moving the right way...

I’ve had all day to write this post, but it’s actually after midnight, so this week, Monday’s post is actually Monday’s post. Continuing to lose, although I took a slightly different tack this past week.  The week before, I had fewer, smaller meals, but only lost a couple of pounds.  I didn’t skip as much this week, but still had small meals, and I think I’ve done at least as well.

I ended up going to two of the three parties I was invited to, and while I did eat, I drank very little at one place, didn’t drink at all at the other, and didn’t touch any of the cake or other sweets at either place.  Lemme tell you, for me, that was a major challenge.

My main goal was to lose at least 15 pounds before heading to my next doctor’s appointment in September… I’m pretty sure I’ll make that goal. If I can get 2-0-something, that’ll be gravy.  Unlike other fitness episodes, I haven’t had any problems with my knees aching, which is great… although the ice packs are ready.

I don’t want to sound vain, but I found out I’ve got a high school reunion coming up.  It’d be nice not to be the alum with the biggest weight gain if I’m able to go. Since I haven’t lived in Ohio for years, and haven’t really kept up with my former classmates, I’ve missed most of the class reunions.  I made it to the 20th back in ’94 because somebody mentioned something to my brother.  Missed the 10th, 25th and 30th.  My high school sweetheart mentioned it to me on Facebook, which led me to the folks doing the organizing.  It might be nice to see how everyone is after 15 more years.


NC Bound

NC Bound

It’s time to say goodbye to a couple of nice people as they head off on a major adventure I’ve mentioned the Richardson’s before. Jessica (the high-spirited one), was a co-worker at that place I used to work at but try not to mention anymore. Jordan (the strong, stabilizing one) has joined the Air Force, so it’s off to Seymour Johnson AFB for the both of them, leaving behind family and friend in Tennessee.

A bunch of us turned out for a farewell get-together for them on Saturday, which is pretty much why I missed the candlelight vigil at Graceland (which is fine, since I’ve been there before).

Everybody’s sorry to see them go, but they’re practically still newlyweds, and deserve some adventure. It’s nice to have more in front of you than behind.  I also found out that Jessica’s replacement will be taking my old cubicle. I told her it’s haunted.


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