Connectivity Issues



I’m suffering a loss of Internet connectivity at the house.  Having a working connection to the World Wide Web is a little like breathing.  You really don’t think twice about it… until you can’t do it.  Of course, in this circumstance, I only feel like I’m turning blue.

Down, down, down

Down, down, down

About a year and a half ago, I had a lightening bolt zap my MacMini, knocking out the Ethernet connection.  Luckily enough, the Mac was still under warranty, so I dropped it off at the Apple Store, they worked their magic, and I was back online in a day.

This is different. I’ve been feeding the Internet signal into a router so I can use it for my Wii… and connecting the computer through AirPort (a really nice built-in feature on Macs).  Anyway, I know the computer is okay because I’ve been able to connect at times when a strong WiFi signal comes along.

No, this time it’s the AT&T modem. The signal’s just not coming through, and the help desk tech couldn’t get it to work no matter how many times she reset the signal to the house.  So now I’ve got to spend between 8am and noon tomorrow sitting at the house waiting for an AT&T service person to come by and “check the lines.”  I dunno.  I was talking to her on my hard-wired phone, so I think the lines are working… I hope the person brings a spare modem along, just in case that’s the problem.

Making Some Progress



Week 4 of the Fitness Contest at work. Lost 2.2 lbs. since the last weigh-in, which is good.  That’s a total of 12.6 lbs. overall.  The guy in the lead called in sick, so there’s no way of knowing whether or not there’s been any change at the top of the standings.

It’d be nice if I could keep losing an average of 3 pounds a week. Here’s what I notice about losing weight.  I see the same guy when I look in the mirror… and guys tend not to notice (or at least mention) any change. But women will tell you in a minute if it looks like you’ve lost weight… which is just the kind of positive reinforcement I’m looking for!  Thank you ladies.

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