I’d like to say that the entire fitness thing is getting easier with time.  Actually, I can say that.  I don’t quite feel like I’m running through quicksand anymore, although there’s still a heaviness in my legs. I am able to cover the better part of a mile before slowing to a walk… and the walk is a little shorter before I’m ready to run again.  I can go out for 3 miles and only have to walk about one of them.

Movin' the Dial

Movin' the Dial

It’s even been fairly easy to cut back on what I eat. I went through a bowl of baby Romaine lettuce while watching the Titans-Bills pre-season game Sunday and didn’t feel like I was missing too much. One of our regular waitresses at trivia actually mentioned the fact that I haven’t been eating there on the last few Mondays.  It’s tough to find bar food that you can feel comfortable with during a diet.  Even their salads are big enough for a linebacker… (although they’re not deep-fried).

All that taken into account; it’s just getting a tougher to work weight off this aging husk of a body.  I’m happy to be down more than 10 pounds, but in the old days, I think I’d have dropped about 15 already with this level of eating and working out.

A lot of this is being able to have reasonable expectations.  I use to aim for the 190’s when I was losing in the old days. Didn’t always get there, but I knew that it was an achievable goal.  This time, if I get to 210 or a little less, I’ll be really happy.  The WiiFit isn’t really helping.  I like the affirmations it tosses out , even when you’ve completely bollixed the particular move you’re doing. But the thing asked me Saturday if I knew what my ideal weight was.  I’m pretty game, so I told it “no,” to see what it would tell me.  Apparently, I should be about 155 pounds.

That’s an interesting notion.  The last time I weighed that was about 1977…  a couple of years out of high school.  The closest I’ve been to that in this millennium was when I got down to 185 in 2001. It was a big enough change that people who hadn’t seen me in a while thought I either had been sick or was still in the throes of a very serious illness. Even then, I think I was only able to stay under 200 for about 7 or 8 months… since my thyroid stopped working right about that time, making it even tougher to lose weight.

I’ve been looking at Monday’s as the toughest day, trying to eat a little less before the Tuesday weigh-in.  But I think Tuesday is tougher, since I’ve actually regained everything I’ve lost a couple of times once I start eating after getting on the official scale.

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  1. When it comes to a weight loss program, just ask yourself. What would Willie do? Don’t worry so much about the weight. When you exercise, muscle is heavier than fat. I expect you to do the Elvis 5K this coming Saturday. You will be blessed!

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