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Abdul Out!

Abdul Out!

I was surprised when I read the sad news today that Paula Abdul wouldn’t be returning in the upcoming season of “American Idol” (full disclosure: I don’t watch the show, and the only time I’ve seen for than a couple of minutes was in the final episode of the second season when Ruben beat Clay).

Already getting a couple of million dollars a season to do a little verbal sparring with Simon and get inappropriately involved with contestants (Season 2 – allegedly!), it would seem that the former cheerleader and pop star wanted a much bigger chunk of change to continue showing up. The producers, already having signed the other woman (Kara DioGuardi, whom I’ve never heard of), apparently didn’t want to give Paula all the money she wanted.

In one of the more interesting negotiating tactics I’ve seen lately, the show’s producers apparently learned she would not accept their offer because of a Twitter post she used to let fans know she wouldn’t be back for Season 9.

What's Next?

What's Next?

You ask for $20 million, they offer $10.  You’ve been getting $2 million, and know the announcer has signed a 3-year deal for $45 million. Don’t you stick around anyway? I know she’s sold nearly 30 million albums in her lifetime. I’ve also read recently that she and Kara, the latest Idol judge co-wrote a a big hit for Kylie Minogue a couple of years ago. I guess she also debuted a new release of her own on Idol this past season. With all that, if Madonna, Mariah and Janet have trouble selling new stuff; what are her chances?

The guy running “So You Think You Can Dance?” on Fox has made noises about making her a guest judge… but is that as big a deal as being a permanent judge on “Idol?” And from what I hear, “Idol” isn’t quite as hot as it used to be. I understand that “NCIS” (which I do watch) is pretty close to beating “Idol” on Tuesdays.

Anyway, if Paula fades from public awareness, I think the world will be a little sadder. I always feel much more comfortable about my mental status whenever the latest Paula event hits the entertainment shows and gossip sites. I’d miss that.

Job Opening

What do you do for an encore after running cop shops in the two largest cities in the U.S.? If you’re Bill Bratton, you resign to take a high-paying gig running a private security company.

Stepping Down

Stepping Down

Bratton announced he was stepping down as chief of the LAPD to run Altegrity Security Consulting, which will help local and international governments build and improve police departments. In his work in Los Angeles and as commissioner of the NYPD, Bratton has gotten a lot of credit for pushing crime rates down and making police a lot easier to live with for the public — especially in LA.

He's Got 5 Stars!

He's Got 5 Stars!

He mentioned during his news conference that he knows most of the big cities chiefs around the country, as well as the best people in his shop, so he’s got a pretty good idea of the pool of potential replacements. Which makes me wonder about our police director. Larry Godwin has been with the Memphis Police for a good long time, and has done a good job as the boss, especially considering that the former mayor had a habit of flushing police directors fairly regularly.

I heard Godwin tell Drake & Zeke a couple of days ago that he’s happy in the job and wouldn’t mind holding onto it, once a new mayor is elected. Still, once you reach the top job in one town, the only way to step up is to step out (especially since he’s already announced he won’t run for mayor). Anyone think he’s sending a resume out west?

Back to Work

Speaking of working, I’m going to end by recalling the original purpose of this blog, which was to look at the impact of getting laid off.

Back to Work!

Back to Work!

In what has to be a very good sign of an improving economy, Career Builder says that just about half of the workers who have been laid off in the last three months have already found new full-time jobs. And that that’s a 41% increase since March.

Welcome Aboard!

Welcome Aboard!

In another piece of good news from the same article, the survey shows that a majority of people who have found new jobs after having been laid off in the last year are making the same or more money.  That’s slightly more than half. Of course, that means slightly less than half took a pay cut. But even cut is better than nothing.

And a bunch of folks (28%) even changed their appearance (lost weight, changed hairstyles, dressed differently, got their teeth whitened, etc.) as part of their effort to become more attractive while in the job market.  It’s important to note that even with the good news of more people finding work, there are still a lot of folks who haven’t. Let’s hope this rising tide lifts all boats.

Tomorrow:  All the way from Tibet to downtown Memphis!  The Dalai Lama joins us… along with views from a pro jock.


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