221 (title DID change)

Slowly but surely

Slowly but surely

(Edit: ate late Sunday, so I picked up a pound. Being the brutally honest person I am, the heading for today’s blog has changed from 220 to 221.  Wah.)

This time, the whole weight loss thing is a little more problematic than I’d like.  I’ve been working on the WiiFit in the morning and then trying to either bike or jog after work.  With last week’s weather, that only happened twice.  It was lot easier at the old job, since there was a gym on the premises.  When I’d get home last week and sit down on the couch, thinking I’d crank up the WiiFit for another go, I wake up an hour or so later, wondering where the evening went.  I was able to make up for that Friday & Saturday.

The other thing is that I haven’t got my loss rate evened out yet.  I find myself skipping a meal or two leading up to Tuesday’s weigh-in, then after having lunch or dinner that day, I will have regained nearly everything I lose, then having to work extra hard later in the week to re-lose that weight and then drop a few more pounds so I’m still making progress.

Well, I’m trying something different (for me anyway).  I picked up fresh fruit and vegetables at the store Friday, along with some low cal frozen items.  Let’s see if that helps.

No More Kittens?

Do You "heart" Kittens?

Do You "heart" Kittens?

No Kittens?

No Kittens?

I had mentioned some weeks ago that my favorite piece of graffito was spray-painted on a garage door on Mulberry Street, near the Civil Rights Museum.  The message, “We ‘heart’ Kittens,” seems benign enough.  After all, who doesn’t like kittens?  Cats?  Different story. Anyway, I have no idea how long it’s been there.  It’s on the circuit I use when riding my bicycle downtown, so I’ve been looking at it for over a year.  Until today, that is. Not that I changed my route, no, I’m too unimaginative to do that.

No, somebody got out the spray paint and covered the entire door with a light brown.  Hey, it’s their door, and they can paint it whatever color they want.  I’m just gonna miss the kitties, that’s all I’m saying.

Please, pick up after yourselves!

Clean Up!

Clean Up!

A minor complaint. Ran through downtown on Friday. Big crowds for the trolley tour.  It’s nice to see so many people enjoying the South Main Arts District.  Ran through downtown again Saturday morning.  People were gone, but they left most of their trash.  In this, I agree with interim mayor; we’ve got to get this town clean again. It’d be nice if we had one of those downtowns were the city provided a trash can on every corner… But then we’d have the problem of overflowing cans that are never emptied (hint, hint, National Civil Rights Museum).

I know that folks love Gus’s fried chicken (I know I do).  But how is it possible to barely make it around the block from the restaurant before cleaning out the to-go box and throwing the trash on the street?

I know the city doesn’t have a bunch of extra money to send crews out to clean the streets (too much to hope for, I know). And it’s probably not fair to expect restaurants to send employees out in the street to clean up the areas around their businesses.  That leaves it up to the people with obviously poor home training to get a clue and stop throwing stuff in the street!  Have some class folks.


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