It’s Clobberin’ Time!

Big Money!

Big Money!

Talk about your blockbusters — Disney writes a check for $4 billion (billion with a B) to acquire Marvel Entertainment — home of Spider-Man, the X-Men, Fantastic Four, Iron Man and my fave, Captain America.

It’s a great opportunity for the Mouse House.  They’re getting their hands on 5,000 characters that are doing particularly well right now. Spidey’s cranking out a few more sequels. They keep making Hulk movies that no one watches. The X-Men movies were okay… except that “Wolverine” thing.  “Iron Man” rocked, and it was pretty cool how Robert Downey, Jr. showed up at the end of the last Hulk.

Disney already has ABC and ESPN, plus Mickey, Goofy, Donald and all the rest of the Walt’s gang, along with Pixar, which they gobbled up in 2006.  Now you can add the Thing, Thor, the Avengers and the rest of the Marvel group.

Meet the New Boss

Meet the New Boss

Now, I don’t think this means Diane Sawyer will go from Good Morning America to hooking up with Tony Stark. Mostly because she’s married and he’s fictional. But I’m sure there’s going to be some kind of attempted synergy before long. Marvel had a few movie deals in place with other studios; it’ll be interesting to see how all of that gets sorted out.

Time Warner owns DC Comics.  Most of the DC characters that have been showing up in movies lately are in Warner Brothers’ films, which makes the most sense. Why let another studio make money from your properties? I’m sure Disney will eventually try and work that out with their new toys before long.

Read & laugh

Read & laugh

And I’m not one of those people who think Disney is bad just because they’re big. Hey, I used to draw a paycheck from Time Warner – the biggest media company in the world. But here’s a funny web comic dealing with the concept of a Disney-ized Marvel: Something Positive.  Don’t dawdle, the artist usually puts a new strip up daily.



Getting There...

Getting There...

Another up and down week, although it’s ended on the down side for a change.  I’ve been going through a bounce on Tuesdays and Wednesdays after the big weigh-ins at work. I cut back on Sunday & Monday, then after eating normally and taking a break from working out, my weight has been shooting up in mid-week. I was so busy on Saturday that I actually never got around to eating until after going to a concert with a couple of hotties (one blonde, one brunette).  I actually lost weight between Saturday and Sunday before working out. It’s a good sign that your appetite is under control when you don’t eat by habit.

If anything, it’s good that I’m making the progress that I am. I’ve got a doctor’s visit Thursday, and he had been on me my last visit to drop a few pounds. It’s always nice to go into one of those visits expecting a little praise. As important (to me), I’m only a couple of pounds away from the Wii Fit telling me that I’m “overweight,” instead of “obese.”  That’s something I haven’t heard since owning the thing, and I’m looking forward to it.

The funny thing about losing weight (“The?”  There are a lot of funny things, actually) is noticing the change.  I’ve still got a spare tire, and am more pear shaped than I care to be. I gain and lose uniformly, so it’s hard to notice specific change — that is, when I look in the mirror, I pretty much see the same thing every day. I pretty much have to depend on people who don’t see me every day to notice the change.

Hitting the Town

I mentioned going to a show with a couple of hotties Saturday night. Women who used to be in the news business know how to swing. I had passed on a chance to swing by the Levitt Shell at Overton Park. I had kinda wanted to go because Jimbo Matthus was on the bill, and I’m a big Squirrel Nut Zippers fan (new album coming out in October called Lost At Sea). Anyway, I ended up at the Bartlett Performing Arts Center for a “Symphonic All-Duke Ellington Night,” with pianist Donald Brown and Joyce Cobb (who was in good voice, by the way).  Interesting, I don’t think we were the oldest people there, which is good. Anyway, check out the Center, they’ve got Nat King Cole’s brother coming up, as well as Chuck Leavell of the Allman Brothers Band in October.

Eight Days a Week

Mac doing the line

Mac doing the line

Sometimes, I feel like time is the fire in which we burn… (okay, not because I’ve read the poem “Calmly we walk through this April’s day,” but because Malcolm McDowell used that line in “Star Trek Generations.”

It’s really been one of those weeks.  I’ve either been doing stuff at work, going to places after work, working out… getting ready to do one of those things, or trying to recover from just having done one of those things.  It doesn’t seem as if I’ve had a spare moment all week.  Which is one of the reasons I’ve fallen behind in blogging (it’s a little bit scary when Joe Larkins posts more in a week than I do… which is not a knock, it’s just that Joe has a lot of important stuff to do and I usually don’t).

But man, two video shoots, logging both tapes (logging is about the dullest work on earth), trying to keep up my workout schedule, finish up several scripts, fielding client calls, trying to set up other stories and going to a wake (sad loss for a good friend) has left me wondering where the week went.

I wish all I had facing me after work was a soft couch and an empty weekend… but I skipped exercising Friday morning, so I have to drag my still oversize backside out when I get home. Saturday, I’ve got people coming over to take some furniture in the morning… and I promised two women (!!) I’d go to a concert with them Saturday night.  I may have a minute to relax on Sunday, ’cause I’m back in business Monday morning, and lemme quote “Aldo the Apache,” “bidness is boomin’!”

Box of Vision

the-beatles-box-of-visionimage_artbookI’ve been a Beatles fan since I was 8. No apologies.  Over 300 Beatles songs on the iPod I’m listening to right now (“Happiness is a Warm Gun”).  I just got my “Box of Vision” shipped to me yesterday. In the words of the  ad, it’s a collectible storage box for your Fab Four collection, including a 200-page, LP-sized book containing all of band’s UK and US album artwork, a Catalography guide to the band’s albums, and a patented storage book for organizing and displaying your collection of albums, from Please Please Me through Love.

What’s the Point?

Sorry about being AWOL Wednesday. I was overcome with fatigue… and even though the couch is leather, it’s soft and inviting. By the way, this is post #100!

Time for Jay!

Time for Jay!?

Anyway, I’ve been watching all the spots on NBC (and cable and online) for the Jay Leno Show, which premieres in a couple of weeks (9pm Central). Rather than bring back the time-honored tradition of variety shows, it seems like the network is just pushing Jay’s version of the Tonight Show back an hour-and-a-half. At least, that’s the impression I get from the clips showing up on TV, which all seem to be collections of favorite bits from Tonight.

Who's on First?

Who Fails First?

I know NBC’s been having problems finding good end-of-prime-time programming for the 9pm slot, and stripping the Leno show there five nights a week will make things a lot easier on programmers. But what will NBC do if Jay tanks in prime time?  Conan’s not doing so well at 10:35 — do they just put everybody back where they were? That would be embarrassing.

I think Jay’s a pretty funny guy, although I was never a huge fan of his version of the Tonight Show (Jaywalking is flat out cruel in the ways it points out how stupid some folks are). When I’m up, I watch Letterman (although I don’t watch him as much as I used to). I saw Leno live once, even feeding him a set up line and let him zing me while he was taking questions from the audience (it doesn’t matter who gets the laugh as long as there is a laugh).

Stay Tuned for Comedy!

Stay Tuned for Comedy!

Hey NBC, if you get in trouble, how about bringing back network television’s first late-night comedy-variety series “Broadway Open House?” I know there’s no way to get Jerry Lester and Dagmar, but there are short comics and tall blondes out there who are looking for work…

Word from the Top

I love Memphis politics. Just when you think that things won’t get any stranger, they do. I didn’t see this story until late tonight, but apparently the former mayor told a local radio host that he won’t be running for his old job in the special election after all.

Yes I will... psych!

Yes I will... psych!

It seems he was just yanking Myron Lowery’s chain. He didn’t put it exactly that way, saying he was trying to send a message. I’m willing to take him at his word, but I have to say that the message that some people got was that he had bumped his head on something hard and had lost the ability to make sense for a while. My favorite part was the quote: “I’ve prayed about this. I think the Lord has sent me so many signals that now is the time for me to go to a different level.” Frankly, the mixed signals appear to be entirely from ex-Hizzoner. It seems rude for him to blame the Almighty for his inability to make a rational decision.

It also didn’t seem to be much of a surprise when he said his 2007 run was to keep former councilwoman and state representative Carol Chumney out of the mayor’s office. Interesting that he admits this after calling Lowery “mean-spirited.” I interviewed Chumney several times when she was serving in the Legislature. She’s bright and I think she has the best interests of the city at heart. Some people believe she’s got some bottled-up anger. After what Herenton said today, would that be a surprise?

He believes the “affable” county mayor, AC Wharton will win the special election. Wharton is, in fact, affable, although it didn’t come across as terribly positive the way Herenton used it. I wonder whether Mr. Wharton is wishing that Herenton wouldn’t mention his name at all, so as to avoid even the impression of an endorsement.

Also interesting is what the former mayor said about his city pension. He’s apparently taken the amount as a lump sum – more than $500,000. Local observers say he wanted to be sure to get the pension locked in quickly, so he wouldn’t lose the money if, as rumored, the feds came after him for something. I certainly don’t know that he’s done anything illegal, and don’t want to suggest that. But I will end by mentioning Alcee Hastings.

Representing Florida's 23rd

Representing Florida's 23rd

Hastings was a federal judge in Florida for 10 years. I moved to Gainesville right at the end of his time in office. He was tried for accepting a bribe and for lying about it, but was acquitted when his alleged co-conspirator wouldn’t testify against him. He was impeached by the House of Representatives and convicted by the U.S. Senate.  But rather than just go off in disgrace, Hastings got himself elected to Congress, where he’s been ever since (he’s also on Facebook, but nowadays, who isn’t?).

Willie’s still running for Congress. And he may be waiting for another word from above.