“Some men see things and ask why…”  I see things and say ‘I’m not really surprised.’

Public School Education?

Public School Education?

You see here a road sign.  In Wisconsin. I saw this picture on Fox 13’s website, where it links to video on another Fox station’s website.

What’s the big deal? The only word spelled correctly is “exit.”  That’s right, the sign markers misspelled the names of both towns on the sign, mangling “Schofield” and “Rothschild.”  They even managed to put the “i” in the wrong place in “business.”  The boss at the company that made the sign admitted the mistake, calling it “poor, poor work.”  Really?  I’m thinking that maybe they had some extra “e’s” lying around.

Can I Get Some Help?

Can I Get Some Help?

It almost gets to the point where you expect poor customer service and are a little surprised when it seems like someone is going out of their way to do a job the right way.  I know we’ve all encountered the sullen boy or girl at the fast food restaurant or convenience store counter.  But it seems to reach into all aspects of life, whether dealing with people in person or on the phone.

There are exceptions.  We pretty much always get decent service at trivia on Monday.  That may be because we’re big tippers.  But I was in a Mapco Tuesday, picking up a couple of things and the lady at the counter was polite and helpful to the point that it almost seemed like she was trying too hard.  And isn’t that the shame of it?  You run into a really pleasant person and it’s rare enough to be weird.

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