The battle  continues. After the second official weigh-in at work, I ended up in third place, which isn’t bad. But then I had a little weight rebound that put back everything I had lost. By Sunday evening, I had managed to re-lose what I had already lost, along with a little more. I’m going to have to go afterburners to make up some additional ground before the next weigh-in on Tuesday.

Not Much Fun

Not Much Fun

I have to admit that I feel a little better with a couple of weeks of fitness under my belt. However, it’s not much fun. The semi-animated fitness trainer on my Wii Fit keeps asking whether some of the activities are more fun when I post an improved score. NO, little cartoon trainer, it’s not fun, it’s hard work, even with the fancy graphics and music.

I usually do the Wii thing in the mornings before work, and then go outside after work, alternating the bike with jogging. As I run across the cracked sidewalks and sometimes fetid aroma that hangs over parts of downtown, I almost long for the graphics of the Island Run on Wii Fit.  No trash on the streets, no oppressive heat, no traffic.

I’ve pretty much determined that I’m going to have to give up the fries at the Blue Monkey Monday night. Finding dining options in a bar isn’t always easy. The food there is good, but it’s still bar food… I could get the vegetables, but they’re sauteed in butter, so I wouldn’t really be doing myself a whole lot of good, would I?

In the brightest day…

I was quite the avid comic book reader when I was in elementary and junior high schools. Press Pharmacy, which was next door to the grocery store in our neighborhood, had a very extensive comic book section. If memory serves, new issues came out on Tuesday. The years I was regularly buying, the price was moving from 15 to 20 to 25 cents, so getting a few of my favorites wouldn’t break me.

I have no trouble admitted that I still read a few from time to time.  I’ve picked up collections, reprints and graphic novels, along with a few individual issues (which have a posted price of $2.99!).  A few years back, I watched the Superman and Batman animated series (Dana Delany did a great job as the voice of Lois Lane). I also watched Justice League and Justice League Unlimited.  Teen Titans, JLU and The Batman (which is a different show than Batman: the Animated Series) run on the Boomerang channel between 9:30 and 11pm every night.

...in Blackest Night...

...in Blackest Night...

I see that a new straight-to-DVD animated story is coming out Tuesday. “Green Lantern: First Flight” tells the story of Hal Jordan, the best known of the Green Lanterns, a group of intergalactic space cops who use power rings to get around. I don’t have plans to buy it, since I’m pretty sure it’ll end up on Cartoon Network in a few months. That’s the nice thing about synergy. DC Comics is a TimeWarner property, as is Cartoon Network.

Most of the animated stuff I watch is DC-based, although I like Marvel stuff too, although their live action material is better than the animated stuff (in my opinion). Iron Man was great! The X-Men movies were good (although I didn’t go to see Wolverine), I liked both Fantastic Fours, and all three Spider-Man movies. Anyway, both companies spend enough money on these properties to avoid the cheesiness of both the animated and live action efforts of the 70s. The new Green Lantern has Chris Meloni (of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit providing the voice of Hal Jordan/Green Lantern).

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