Why Stay Home…

…when you can visit Zambodia!

Finally, the one person every Memphian can get behind has gotten into the race for mayor… or at least the race for interim mayor (mayor pro tem?).

In the Race?

In the Race?

I surfed past the CA’s Memphis News Blog to check it’s “Eye on City Hall,” and see if any additional madcap antics had occurred today. Apparently I missed the big news earlier in the week that Prince Mongo had let the CA know that he was in, as in, in the race for mayor. Now, if “Robert Hodges” says he’s running, not too many people are going to care, but if you move the quotation marks to the middle and make it Robert “Prince Mongo” Hodges, now you’ve got something.

His Crown's in the Ring

His Crown's in the Ring

It’s not a bad thing that the campaign draws people who can’t be taken completely seriously. Particularly when we see the kind of actions we’re seeing from the so-called “serious” people. I know there are concerns that Mr. Hodges will siphon off a few votes if he’s actually on the ballot. So will Mr. Lawler, although I’m sure he would be loathe to give up his WWE paycheck if he were actually elected. And while some decry the entry of fringe candidates into the race, voicing concerns that it could lead to some kind of polling travesty, remember, if the “serious” candidates were truly speaking to the concerns of the people, then voters would support them, and not toss away votes they are convinced don’t matter.

Or Does It?

Or Does It?

While I am sure that our favorite bare-foot visitor from the planet Zambodia will make the mayor’s race a little more interesting, it’s not the bad thing that some would have you believe.

Again, the thing about representative democracy is that anyone can vie to be one of those representatives (unless they’re legally barred from holding office). Fortunately, the question of Mongo’s birthplace won’t come up as it has with the president (who I think was born in Hawaii, regardless of what some critics allege). Residency may be an issue, since Mongo owns property in Florida, but since he’s been on the ballot in the last few elections, I’m sure that’ll get worked out.

Give Us a Reason to Show Up

Give Us a Reason to Show Up

No candidates should assume ownership of votes not yet cast (even though it seems the guy at 125 S. Main has been doing that for a while). Make your case.  If you sound like you have some answers, then you’ll get votes. The better your answers, the more votes you should get. Don’t make this about race, personality, honesty or anything except having a good plan to move the city in a positive direction.

Remember, too many people have gone to Southaven or the other suburban towns to not take fixing Memphis seriously. Any more problems, we could see a mass exodus to Zambodia.

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