Crowded House

Apparently, things in the city mayor’s race are getting a little crowded. That’s according to a person favored to become the next mayor of Memphis. So says a Wednesday tweet (and Facebook posting) from Action News 5’s Kontji Anthony.

The King

The King

Could an unqualified person actually end up as mayor of Memphis because of a diluted field? I guess the question a lot of people are asking at this point is “what could it hurt?”  That’s just ugly. The current office holder had years of administrative experience before he moved into 125 South Main. And while it seems that Jerry Lawler’s chief ability nowadays is to yell “puppies!” when he sees one of the silicone-enhanced lady wrestlers on WWE “Raw,” he actually has some business interests that he manages (his local wrestling promotion… not the fireworks deal that he pitches – you’re just being ugly again).

So Many Candidates She Didn't Know What to Do?

So Many Candidates She Didn't Know What to Do?

Frankly, I’m of the point of view that the people of Memphis should be able to benefit from a large field of candidates. While there might still be a putative favorite; having a bunch of other folks in the race could do a couple of things.  One, it would make people expend a little more energy to find out who the best candidate actually is (that applies to people planning to vote, and then, only to the people planning to vote who also care who they’re voting for).

Two, and this might cheer up the favorites, but a bunch of lesser-knowns make it easier for the better-knowns to cut through the clutter. It could be easier for potential voters to pay attention to the candidates they know, rather than expend the energy to learn something about a new face.

Willie Stay or Willie Go?

I don’t actually have any new observations on the man in the corner office today, I just like that title so much I had to use it.

This Way, Please.

This Way, Please.

It was part of a response to a thread in the Commercial Appeal’s Memphis Blog last week. Very creative, and I don’t recall hearing or reading it anywhere else. Credit where credit is due, the comment came from the woman who writes a blog called “Scribblescrawl.”  The CA, which keeps track of these things (so we don’t have to), has been checking in with the city mayor’s spokesperson pretty much daily. She says Hizzoner is packing up his office and still plans on leaving at the end of the month.

Frankly, I’m encouraging everyone to relax. Doesn’t matter whether he stays or goes. I know a lot of people are just tired of the current situation and want to see some change. It takes a while to turn a battleship folks. Mayor pro tem, acting mayor, special election, whatever, it’s going to take awhile before anyone has the mandate and political capital to effect major change here. And the guy in the job did get elected to a 4-year term. Besides, I’d bet if we stop paying attention to everything he does, he get tired of acting out and just go home.


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