No Good Deed…

Okay, so I make the point that I’m carrying around a little more Doug right now than I’d like to. That leads to a discussion in the producers’ bullpen at work, with two of the other people in the room making the same point about themselves.

Weigh in Please...

Weigh in Please...

So, almost before I know it, I’ve been charged with setting up a weight-loss contest at work. I’ve done a couple of these before, back when I was in TV. One of my managers back then said the most excited they had ever seen me was when I won one of those contests. I’m working on the details for the new event.

Well, I did say yesterday that these things work better for me when there’s some competition involved.

That said, a contest isn’t a bad idea. I have empirical data to back that up. A study from Brown University suggests that these contests “can produce weight loss in large numbers of people at minimal cost.”  That was with a statewide contest, but Rhode Island is a pretty small state, so I’m sure it’ll work in a business setting too.

I'm Already Tired!

I'm Already Tired!

Of course, now that there’s competition involved, I have to overreact to the point completely turning from my current life of sloth, to one of extreme fitness (no small measures for me!).

Instead of going home and relaxing on the soft, welcoming sofa to watch Katie Couric; I’m going to have to immediately change clothes and either get on the bike or put on the running shoes and pound my knees into oblivion. My first update: 45 minutes on the WiiFit this morning, 2 miles around Tennessee, Front, Main and GE Patterson this afternoon.

My own fault. I could have kept my mouth shut. That would have kept me from shoveling all that food into it. Like I said yesterday, I’ll be sharing my progress with you every Monday. But you’ll actually have to know someone at my job to find out about anybody else’s. Can’t be spreading their business in the streets, y’know.

As the Plaza Turns…

Most of the crazy political action has been taking place on the City Hall side of the government plaza in downtown Memphis. But the mayor has been strangely quiet, and City Council has another week before it has to approve its declaring the office open at the end of the month.

No, Monday’s excitement was across the way in the county building. My friend, commissioner Deidre Malone, was considering the idea of running for another term as chairman. Political observers believe that would have better positioned her for a run for county mayor, particularly if the person currently holding that job were able to move across the plaza if and when the city mayor steps down… resigns… retires… whatever.

The tradition among commissioners is to alternate the chairmanship between parties, no matter which party has a majority. That led to some tension at Monday’s meeting when the commissioners tried to determine whether Joyce Avery, the next person in the chairmanship rotation, would get the job, or whether Deidre would get another year.



And even as things got a little heated, we were able to follow it in real time. Not because commission and council meetings are carried on local access cable TV… No, because Commissioner Mike Carpenter was tweeting progress updates during the meeting! I’ve heard of multitasking, but dang, man, during the meeting?

Anyway, tradition, as it often does, won out and Ms. Avery will be the next commission chair. But, as Mr. Carpenter continued to tweet, the fireworks didn’t quite end there. Squabbling over school funding and guns in parks followed. All the fun of government without having to be there. If you want to follow along next time, and you’re on Twitter, just follow “mikecarpenter1.” You will be informed and entertained.

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