230 lbs.

It’s tough coming up with topics for Monday. Readership is light, so I try to save the better stuff for midweek, when more people are with us. Still, I don’t want anyone who stops by early in the week to feel cheated. I’ve decided to lecture myself, and you’re welcome to watch that process.



I spent part of my Saturday at Lifeblood on Madison. Since it was part of the 13th Annual M*A*S*H Bash, I thought I’d give them a pint. Being O negative, they like me. Besides all the usual questions about medications and travel and who I may or may not have been intimate with (and whether money changed hands), they also asked me how much I weighed. Well, that’s a question I didn’t want to answer. As I’ve mentioned previously, I had dropped a lot of weight taking part in a little fitness contest at my old job. I had taken off nearly 20 pounds, and was looking for to losing a few more before the end of the contest (I can be very competitive, and I think I would have preferred taking off the most weight for bragging rights, rather than what it would mean for my general health).

Hungry? Yes!

Hungry? Yes!

Anyway, I fell far enough back into my bad habits while unemployed to begin regaining a lot of what I had lost. I don’t get rid of old clothes anymore… there’s always the chance I’ll need them when I start expanding again. Well, I guessed for the Lifeblood lady and broke down and got on the scale today. The result is the title of today’s blog. How much gain is that? I had gotten down to 212, so I’m not too happy.

Going to Work!

Going to Work!

I hopped on the bike today for a quick trip around downtown and did some work on the car in the garage, so I worked up a pretty good sweat today. I’m not a fan of fitness, but I can goad myself into action. That’s where the blog comes in. I’m going to use Monday’s edition as a way to review what I’ve been doing and whether I’m making any progress. Encouragement is welcome. So is mocking. I’ve got a doctor’s visit in September. I’m shooting for 210 lbs. Let’s see it I can make it.


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