Odds and Evens

"...that signpost up ahead..."

"...that signpost up ahead..."

When coverage of Memphis politics comes on the news anymore, I’m not expecting TV’s Watchdog, Mike Matthews, anymore. No, I’m expecting Rod Serling to show up and start speaking in clipped tones about how we have all slipped into the “Twilight Zone.”

It started out weird, and it’s bound to get weirder before it’s all said and done. I mean, was anybody really surprised that the mayor has delayed his resignation? Did he forget that there was city business to tie up before he left… or does he just not trust Myron Lowery to get it done?

That said, let me note that I’m not taking sides in this one. I think the voters of Memphis are competent enough to make right choice (even taking into account all the votes Mongo and Jerry Lawler have gotten over the years, especially now that Jerry might get into this race). Seems like there’s a new name getting involved every day, and frankly, that’s a good thing.

Who's Moving In?

Who's Moving In? Is Anybody Moving Out?

I know Sidney Chism’s been saying all the hubbub around the race was what had the soon-to-resign mayor briefly reconsidering his resignation to the point of considering getting into the special election to be held after he leaves office. If that’s the case, the actual mayor needs to say it, not Mr.Chism, no matter how close they are. And now that the actual mayor has said he’s saying, albeit temporarily, it would have been courteous if they had been on the same page as far as the reasoning.

Anyway, all the interest is a good thing because it shows that this is not a done deal. No one person should be able to lay claim to a job as important as mayor of a city this size. While there are well-known candidates who’ve been in the public spotlight for years, its conceivable that someone relatively unknown could inspire voters.

Who's It Gonna Be?

Who's It Gonna Be?

Don’t think so? Jimmy Carter. Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, Barack Obama. None of them were the best-known national candidate the first time any of them ran for president. But all were able to appeal to something among voters to overcome the fact that they were facing better-known people. Sometimes, it’s the person you’ve never heard of who has the fresh idea.

"Odds" is Right!

"Odds" is Right!

Anyway, if you want scorecard of who’s in the race for city mayor now… and what kind of odds they’re facing… you should go to Will Hicks’ blog. Hicks is a real estate agent, but he’s put a lot of thought into this one, and lists each of the major candidates (announced and unannounced), along with what he thinks their odds of winning are.

Hicks ran through 11 names, but with the in-and-out again rumors swirling around the mayor, he amended his odds, adding Mayor Herenton… and Mongo.  I haven’t checked yet, but the odds might change again now that the mayor is sticking around for 3 more weeks.

Heck, wouldn’t be a mayor’s race without somebody talking about Mongo running. I think that sign post Serling was talking about is the main road to Zambodia.


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