Just a Gigolo?

Good news everybody! I checked my horoscope it let me know that a big change is a comin’:

Today’s financial news has you thinking about how to add a bit more cash to your wallet, and you have some ideas. One of them is quite good — it involves making money by turning your hobby into a part-time job. Nice. You may eventually end up doing the hobby full-time and your ‘job’ part-time.”

Hello Ladies

Honestly, I never thought I’d have much of an opportunity to make a living as a ladies’ man… particularly since it hasn’t been much of a hobby in the first place. But horoscopes are never wrong, are they?

Actually, I might still have some 70s-era clothes around here somewhere, but I haven’t been able to work an Afro since about 1985. It’s all sides and back now, nothing on top. I sure don’t want to hit the street looking like a black version of Bozo the Clown. That wouldn’t be pretty.

I really need to be careful putting up the picture of a character from another not-too-funny Saturday Night Live-skit-turned-movie. I still can’t believe how put off you all seemed to be by the Al Franken post yesterday. That’s what I get… I stop writing about trivia because even I’m tired of the manufactured controversy of grown folk falling out over a bar game, and people stop reading. You’re giving me the idea that you like reading my complaints.


I’ve only got one question. If the horoscope is right and I can turn my long-dreamed about career a a gigolo into a money-making venture, will I be stylish and successful and end up rockin’ the Armani like Richard Gere in “American Gigolo?”

Or Him?

Or will I end up a caricature of a character and make a slightly less impressive impression, like Rob Schneider in “Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo?”

Let’s keep in mind, in “Amerian Gigolo,” Julian ended up looking as if he was going to prison after being framed for murder. Deuce, while painfully unfunny, married a girl with a fake leg and got to make a sequel. Ah, the difference 19 years makes in how gigolos are portrayed in American Cinema.

A Clean House (or A Holding Action)?

According to news reports, the Myron Lowery era will soon begin in Memphis City Hall. The CA reports the chairman of the city council is lining up players for his transition and tenure, including current council member Bill Boyd and former councilman Jack Sammons.

His "Interimness"

His "Interimness"

There are also reports that the soon-to-be interim mayor (or is it acting mayor?) is glad that several current members of the Herenton Administration have announced retirements to coincide with Mayor Herenton’s planned resignation. That way, the inference is, he won’t have to ask them to leave (!) when he takes office. Mind you, I’m still not entirely convinced that the mayor’s announced resignation will take place, although the number of people making plans to leave 125 Main Street makes it seem much more likely.

Here’s what I’m wondering. How much of a transition will you need for a 90-day administration? If Myron doesn’t win the special election that sounds like it’s going to be set for the day before my birthday, there’s going have to be another transition.

Myron and I used to work a couple of offices apart. I met him a few times. Don’t know him well, but he always seemed like a nice guy to me. Being someone who follows the news around here, I am well aware of his commitment to public service as well as his desire to move into the mayor’s suite of offices on a more permanent basis.

But, with all the other expected candidates who might be involved in this race (possibly including the police director!), I wonder whether it’s a good idea to try and enact too many changes in the 90-day tenure of being an “acting” mayor. How about waiting to see how things shake out in October?


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