We “Heart” Kittens

Can’t go negative every day. Sometimes, even my mood isn’t dark enough to support another acerbic screed (even though I know you love them!). My horoscope at Yahoo puts it this way: “Your good vibes just keep going, making your world a peaceful and pleasant one.” Can’t fight the feeling.

Yes We Do!

Yes We Do!

This is spray painted onto a garage door on Mulberry Street, one block north of the Civil Rights Museum. I usually pass it when I’m out on the bike. So, even though tagging somebody else’s property is wrong, the sentiment is a good one. Cats actually give me a rash (I’m allergic), but who doesn’t love a kitty? Cute little balls of fluff with those little kitten eyes just looking at you… Awww.

And yes, by the way, Jackie Smith continues her vigil across from the museum. I’ve biked past at 7 in the morning and seen her… It was 7 Sunday night and she was there, talking to people about her reasons for continuing her protest. Endurance, your name is Jacqueline.

She's Got Good News

Anyway, I saw something on Facebook that made sure I’d be in a good mood all day. Daryn Kagan, formerly an anchor at CNN wrote “Really? Folks don’t like heat? I love it. Summer feels like one big hug.” Okay, at least one of her friends commented “a giant suffocating hug,” but it is certainly a nice sentiment.

Didn’t work with Daryn very often at CNN, but she’s making the most of her post-television time. Go to her website for inspiring and heartwarming good news stories. If you listen to Oprah Radio on XM or Sirius, her stories wrap around the news headlines.

Interestingly, while most of the anchors I worked around at CNN had outsize personalities (maybe it helps if you’re on TV), Daryn always seemed quiet and unassuming, but good at her job. I’m not sure why she’s not on TV right now.

Changing Times, changing places

Several friends of mine, two couples actually, are giving up downtown. Living here anyway. They still come out to that thing I do Monday evenings at that bar near where I live that I’m not going to be specific about because it gets on some people’s nerves that I reference it so much, so I’m trying not to mention it by name.

Kate with the spray paint!

Kate with the spray paint!

Anyway, one couple has already moved to East Memphis, where they’re doing a lot of work around the new home to whip it into shape. Ryan’s birthday was Sunday and it looks like his lovely wife Kate wanted to make sure everyone knew. Hopefully, he was able to take a break from working around the house to celebrate a little. It looks each of his several hundred Facebook friends sent him birthday wishes.

The other couple hopes to close on their new East Memphis home very soon. They’re good people, and I don’t say that just because we share ties to Central Ohio and the Ohio State University… but that certainly doesn’t hurt.

In fact, Mike and Sarah have seen their last name, “Cordonnier,” become a verb at that thing I do Monday’s at that place downtown that I’m trying not to mention because it cheeses some people off when I talk about it because they think its always about them, but it’s really not, so get over yourself. When another team employs the successful strategy of convincing you that they’ve answered a question one way when they actually answered it another way, you’ve been “cordonniered!” It comes with the exclamation point and there’s a hand and arm gesture that goes with the statement. It’s one of those things you’ve really got to see in person.



Even though it seems that I’m seeing more “For Sale” signs and hearing about people leaving the area, I still saw lots of people downtown for the monthly art trolley tour on Friday and saw more the next morning at the Memphis Farmers’ Market at Central Station. It almost makes me okay with the fact that places like the Horizon are going to sit empty for a while. I was going to be a little annoyed with myself because I think I dropped my insurance card when I got my phone out to snap this shot of the unfinished condo on the river. But it’s the extra card for my old coverage, which ends Tuesday. And anyway, I was feeling that big ol’ hug from the evening heat, so c’est la vie!


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