It’s Not the Heat… Wait, Yes It Is.

We’re in for a scorcher.  Again.  Triple digits expected all week. It’s no surprise that it’s hot again around here. Or that it happened so quickly. If you’ve spent more than a few minutes in Memphis, you know that the heats hits harder than a juiced-up Barry Bonds.

Hot Hot HEAT!

Air conditioners are working overtime.  Whenever I walk into my office building, I expect my glasses to fog up as I go from sweltering heat to freezing cold.  It’s not just here.  I lived in Florida, Mississippi, North Carolina and Georgia.  When summer comes to the South, everybody feels it.

There are ongoing efforts to help people cope with the heat.  I see that the county has activated its “heat hotline.”  Volunteers are giving callers information on fans, air conditioners, as well as other ways to beat the heat. Interesting that the volunteers are actually inmates at the Shelby County Corrections Center at Shelby Farms.


I’ve done my share of how difficult it is for some people to deal with the heat. There are often unfortunate situations of people succumbing to the pressure brought on by extended high temperatures.  I don’t quite understand why this continues to be a problem. Every year, communities distribute hundreds of free fans and air conditioners to people. The next year, they do the same thing. And so on. But there always turn out to be people found in hot, stuffy homes or apartments, with nothing to cut the heat.  How is it that hundreds more elderly or poor end up victims of the heat if there are so many continuing efforts to help? I mean, communities aren’t going back and picking the fans up after summer ends, are they?

Crossroads of the World…

Hey Buddy!

While running an errand for work Tuesday, I managed to run into not one, not two, but three former co-workers from WREG… all at WMC-TV!

I had a quick chat with Action News 5 assignment editor Brad Sessel, then Joe Incardona (who reads the blog… thanks, Joe) came through the lobby and a couple of minutes later, I had a nice visit with consumer reporter Andy Wise, who, like Brad, is an excellent addition to the staff at 5.

No Rest for the Wicked…


Oh Yeah?

Who’s right? Who’s wrong? Friends, or acquaintances? Time together suddenly forgotten or completely ignored?

Trivia controversy creates blog hits, I know that much. Tuesday’s page visits were double Monday’s. Seems to happen whenever I go down this road.

It was suggested that I “give it a rest.” My two cents, Leslie? It came across sounding like a lecture. That’s your gift. Too many victims in this little morality play; but no one’s taking responsibility.  Okay, if that’s the way it’s gonna be, I guess I have wash my hands and my feet of this entire megillah. If someone’s not talking to me because of the side they think I’m on, I’ll live with it.

5 thoughts on “It’s Not the Heat… Wait, Yes It Is.

    • I put in my two cents, Leslie puts in hers, you put in yours… one voice remains silent… I’m waiting for Victoria Principal to wake up and realize it’s all been a dream…

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