Sooner or Later…

First — I’m never blogging on art again.  Either that, or the oppressive heat kept most of you away from yesterday’s post.

Second — I was going to skip posting tonight — yes, I was going to pass on posting for the first non-holiday weekday since I started.  Work is picking up and I’ve got an early call Tuesday.  However, I was witness to an interesting event Monday evening and thought I’d touch on it briefly.

Well Whaddya Know?

I’m sure you’ve heard the old cliché “even the sun shines on a dog’s ass some days.”

Earlier in the blog (May 1), I posted about some silliness connected to my team trivia play.  There were some hurt feelings over who was on the team and who wasn’t, and the woman who actually started the group outings stopped attending… actually pretty much stopped talking to me and another guy in public.  During the run-up to the city-wide tournament, she told the other guy on one occasion that she was playing with another group because they were playing for fun and didn’t take it as seriously as we did. Certainly within her rights to say so.

So, our group is playing Monday night when she shows up at the bar, along with another woman who used to play on our team.  They sat on the other side of the joint with someone they knew and got in the game… using a name that was a take off of the name of my team used in the tournament.

Well, we were leading into the final question (which we usually do), but we missed the final question and lost points.  Who won?  Our former teammates. And one of them laughed so loud you could have heard her in the parking lot.  I’m assuming that was because of all the fun they were having… not because they beat us.

You're #1!

You're #1!

Okay.  Congratulations to “Interior Design.”  You did good and won.  We had six people at our table and you still beat us.  I’m glad you feel comfortable enough to share the space with us… as well as take home the $50 in prize money.

One thing.  Keep in mind that splitting up was your idea, not ours.  I’m content to share the table with whoever wants to play… and the tournament issue could have been dealt with if we had talked it over as a group… which you didn’t want to do.

So, I’m looking forward to seeing your team again next week.  It’s cool if it’s at our table. It’s cool if you’re sitting at the bar again.  But either way, you’re not going to beat us two weeks in a row (and yes, that’s a challenge).


4 thoughts on “Sooner or Later…

  1. Doug, please give the trivia thing a rest. This was not a calculated attempt to challenge “The Producers”. When I called C. last night to meet me at the bar, it was, quite frankly, to get out for a minute. I suggested the location because it is where we usually meet up. We decided to play for grins and giggles. The fact that we won, shocked and surprised us probably more than it did you. As for the laughter – my voice carries. What can I say! I appreciate your invitation to next week’s trivia night, but I’ll have to pass. My intention has never been to make this a weekly event. Nor have I elevated it to a serious competition. For me it was and always will be about having a bit of fun and engaging in what I consider to be “brain candy” – similar to the crossword and sudoku puzzles I work. I don’t normally read blogs and I have never posted a comment on one but I felt compelled this time because your post implies our participation in last night’s team trivia was premeditated. I can assure you it was not. You got one thing right, referring to the whole team trivia issue as “silliness.” It’s a shame really that what initially was a gathering of friends and acquaintances resulted in hurt feelings and damaged relationships. Now that’s what I call silly.

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