Businessman’s Special

Take Me Out...

Take Me Out...

I don’t usually do requests, but in this case, I don’t really mind.  I spent much of the afternoon at AutoZone Park, watching the Red Birds drop one to Albuquerque.

photo by Joe Stuber

photo by Joe Stuber

It wasn’t a situation where I was skipping work, it was actually work-related.  As part of a team-building exercise, the folks from Running Pony Productions enjoyed the afternoon together.  Somewhere around the 3rd inning, one of my bosses asked whether my previous job had done anything like this.  No, they hadn’t, I answered.  Put that in your blog, he said… Okay, consider it blogged, Rod.

AutoZone Park is an excellent Triple-A baseball park.  It had never progressed beyond a hole in the ground during my first go-round in Memphis, but it’s much nicer now.

For the sake of full disclosure, I have to say that I did enjoy a similar perk when I worked for CNN.  At one time, it, the Atlanta Braves, Hawks and Thrashers were all owned by the same company.  So employees were given 10 passes to each team every season.  The NBA and NHL teams played next door to CNN and Turner Field wasn’t that far away.

Still, I’d say that AZ Park is every bit as nice as “the Ted,” only smaller.  The best part about Wednesday’s game is that the company rented out a suite, with catering, which is always a super sweet way to watch any sporting event.

Team & Home Building

Team & Home Building

It wasn’t all about a 9-inning “daycation.”  We had spent the morning working on a Habitat for Humanity house.

photo by Rod Starns

photo by Rod Starns

All of the really hard stuff was already done, but we knocked out some painting and other cleanup before the electricians and other skill work was done.  Of course, we got to do it on one of the hottest days of the year so far, but the prospective home owner was a nice young lady who will be able to move into a nice new house with a low-interest loan, so it’s something that leaves you feeling that you really accomplished something.

It wasn’t part of the build, but the Habitat folks did ask our help in loading an ice cooler on site onto a truck.  I’m in the blue shirt in the middle.  They needed to move it to Germantown Municipal Park for the annual Exotic Italian Car Show this Sunday.  It’s from noon ’til 5pm, $10 for adults, $5 for kids 10 and under, and it benefits Habitat for Humanity of Greater Memphis.

On the Horizon

Big Plans

Big Plans

Three or four years ago, the future of South Main musta’ seemed pretty bright.  New condos going up, buildings being rehabbed, big plans for shopping, mixed use and other construction.  My place was brand new when I moved in a year ago.  Unfortunately, the economic crash has done a number on all those plans.  The highrise condo development One Beale Street was put on hold months ago.  Now, the news folk say the Horizon may be going on the auction block.  The developer’s site on the project is… down.

There’s also a problem with a lot of the contractors on the job worrying about whether they’re going to get paid… or if they’ll be able to retrieve their gear from the job site.  I was walking to the BP station on the corner of Riverside and Carolina for lottery tickets a few minutes ago, and noticed a security guard at the locked gate with somebody in a pickup.  Don’t know what that means.  I know someone who had money down on a unit in the building.  They’d made plans to flip it back in the good days.  None of the reporters have dealt with the question of what happens to prospective buyers if the site gets sold.  All I know is that it takes away the view of the sunset on my street.

Lost & Found

Found: One Mayor

Found: One Mayor

Good news… the mayor has been sighted.  I was watching the Watch Dog on News Channel 3 this evening (Mike Matthews didn’t have a nickname when I worked with him, but whatever…).  Anyway, various media folk have been making hay of the fact that the mayor of Memphis has not been seen much since the storms hit on Friday and Sunday.

Right in the middle of Matthews’ live shot on the CAO of the city resigning, the camera swings to show the mayor hopping into his SUV, which was parked on the plaza (where cars are not supposed to be).  Hizzoner seemed to be in good form, smiling and waving at Mike, who generously offered to share his camera time with Dr. H.  As the live shot ended, Mike was going to see if he could get a comment from the formerly scarce city official.  Did he?  I’ll be watching.

3 thoughts on “Businessman’s Special

  1. Actually, back in the day when all the staff were required to be knowledgeable about time code, color bars and audio levels, we were treated to team building outings like the one that you enjoyed. We also “built our team” at the casinos, various adult beverage establishments and even a softball game. My how times have changed . . . for the better, of course.

  2. Lucky guy! When our company “treats” you to a baseball game, you pay for your ticket, go after normal working hours, and may not even end up sitting in the same section with your colleagues. Really gets you in the team spirit.

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