Sunset on the Mississippi

Now that I belong to the ranks of the gainfully employed again, I feel a little more comfortable going out and enjoying myself.  There’s a little guilt in having too good a good time when you’re not working.  You imagine that you should be spending that time more constructively, doing things like looking for work.

On the banks of the Mississippi

Mississippi Sunset

So, I spent Saturday evening on the banks of the Mississippi as the sun set.  I agreed to accompany a friend to a concert on Saturday on the ground of the National Ornamental Metal Museum.  It was the final show of the 2008-09 season of CAFÉ.  That’s Cultural Arts for Everyone, and according to the group’s website, “CAFÉ has been a pioneer in presenting culturally diverse programming, designed to enrich the lives of school-age children and their families.”

The Artist

The Artist

The concert featured blues guitarist Deborah Coleman.  She’s been playing guitar since she was 8.  She and the 3 guys backing her put on a pretty tight set.  Her site says she played in rock and R&B bands from the age of 15 to 25, when she quit to raise a family.  She got back in the business 12 years later, and it sounds like she’s been going strong ever since.

There were several people from my old job there, including my former manager, Pam Roberson and several members of her family, as well as fellow Fed Exers colleagues Ann Saccomano and Cornell Christion.  Ann’s on the CAFÉ board and the old employer is a sponsor of the group.  Anyway, it was a good show, and since I was in the VIP tent, I got to eat for free too.  The only thing I would say about an outdoor concert in Memphis in June is (you know what’s coming) IT WAS HOT!  I don’t think it was in the 90s, but it was pretty darn close.

Best move of the evening

Best move of the evening

The smartest move of the evening was the person I went with was smart enough to swing by Walgreens first and pick up an O2-Cool® Deluxe Water Misting Fan.  Some cold water and a couple of AA batteries, and I was able to enjoy the evening a whole lot more than I thought I would.

I passed up on an invitation to go to watch the Roller Derby at the Fairgrounds, and I think I did okay on the deal.  The Derby is inside, but the show and company was excellent, along with a pretty good sunset.

On the Road Again



I’m sure you recall me writing about the unfortunate incident with my car the other day.  The one where I broke out the rear window for the second time in 10 months.

The last time it happened, I called Don’s Auto Upholstery, they ordered replacement glass, I took it in the next day and voilà – it was as good as new.

This time ended up a little more complicated. I called Don’s on a Wednesday and they didn’t end up getting the glass in house until the following Thursday (8 days, if you’re counting).  Because of that, I had to patch up the window to keep the rain out (see “Before…” picture).

Tough Stuff!

Tough Stuff!

I had to redo the patch job several times, mostly because most types of tape simply refused to stick to the convertible top.  I finally came up with a pretty good solution.  I took an old poster frame I wasn’t using, and cut the plastic to fit the size of the hole.  I tucked it into the inside of the top and used Gorilla Tape to hold it in place.  That stuff really works, and since it’s black and the plastic was clear, it almost looked like I had a back window.

...and After!

...and After!

Well, I actually have a rear window now.  Don’s called Thursday afternoon, and after some juggling and the generosity of a friend with a car, I was able to drop the car off.  Interestingly enough, even though I didn’t have my car Friday morning, I still managed to get a speeding ticket (but that’s another story).  I was able to pick up my car and get home Friday before that severe storm blew through (whew!).  And what’s better, is that for some reason, the bill was about $70 less than last time.  The woman at the counter joked that I’m part of the frequent customer program.  And the only reason I let it go was because I was getting ready to say the same thing…  I guess bad joke are universal.

One thought on “Sunset on the Mississippi

  1. I like the way you captured the evening. The fan idea will work next time.
    This was my first time in that area of Memphis, which looks like a prime development location.
    Thanks for your reflections.
    Pam’s Mom

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