Nothing in life stays the same. Sometimes, change is good. Sometimes not. Change can be stressful, regardless of whether it’s good or bad. That’s our challenge with change.

When I lost my last job, I was faced with the change in routine, change in surroundings, change in income and status, and all the attendant stress that brought with it.  And of course, I’m thankful to be working now, but that brings along its own series of changes that I’ll have to get used to.  The up side is that everyone at the new place is really nice, even though inserting me into the system is bringing along a glitch or two (finding a place to put me, getting me on all the programs, getting a bathroom key… nothing earthshattering).

Busy work?

Busy work?

Some people I know are going through some changes of their own this week.  The organization they’re part of is being “reorganized.”  A lot of times, when I hear about places going through “reorganizations,” it puts me in mind of what a former co-worker at CNN used to tell me whenever management appeared with one of their bright ideas.  “Look,” he’d say, “they’re rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic again,” his shorthand for pointing out a process usually done to make managers look good to their managers, but having little positive impact on operations, often making them worse.  Adverse economic conditions and studies by consultants often bring on “reorgs.”

He’s a natural skeptic, which is a good state of mind for a journalist, but it didn’t always make him the best team player.  The good thing is that he’s a journalism professor now, so he’s passing that point of view on to the next generation of reporters and editors.

Anyway, I don’t imagine that making work (and life) more difficult for people who are already working hard is a good thing.  Change for change’s sake is merely change, not necessarily anything else.  And change without clear direction and leadership usually only leads to people not knowing what they’re supposed to do in their new jobs… which will usually lead to future reorganizations once it becomes obvious that nothing new is getting done.  Unless that’s what management wants to happen.  I hope my friends get through this one okay.

Fresh Apples

I'm a Mac

I'm a Mac

I’m happy to say that the only personal computers I’ve ever owned are Macs (a Performa 578 – it’s long gone; a G3 – boxed up in the garage; and a mini – currently in use).  In my opinion, they’re simple, easy-to-understand and elegant.  I was happy to find out that my new job uses Macs (so no learning curve).  In the past, I’ve used PCs at work, but have always felt a little uncomfortable that there are so many levels of information that have to be negotiated with Windows if you want to know how a program works.

The Apple folks were making some big announcements today at the Worldwide Developers Conference, including updates for the entire line of MacBooks, an update to the operating system, web brower and video player, along with big changes for the iPhone.



I don’t have an iPhone yet, having just updated a contract with another carrier I’ve been with for years, so it looks like I’m going to miss out on the new stuff for that cool little phone (not so little, I guess).  The new 3.0 system will allow iPhone users to cut & paste in documents, along with changes in messaging and sending photos, among other neat stuff.

I’m jealous, that’s all.  I’ve got a nice phone, I’ve been with the same carrier for 15 years (mostly because they make donations toward social change with some of the money they charge. Check out CREDO Mobile for more).  But, as long as Apple has an exclusive deal with AT&T, I guess I’ll have to switch if I want to go all Mac.


2 thoughts on “Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes

  1. My kids are now bugging me for the IPhone. Like they need anything else to waste their time on while using the cell phone! Fortunately, we, too, have a non-AT&T contract that isn’t expiring anytime soon, so it’s an easy way to say, “No.”

    Have to say, though, Macs rock! We have ’em at work and finally converted at home.

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