The Inevitable Dropoff

It was the story about my broken car window, wasn’t it?  Came off a bit too self-indulgent.  After Monday’s massive spike in blog hits, I expected the number to drop to more normal levels. The piece in the CA on Tuesday helped keep the numbers high, and there was a late rush of readers yesterday.

Any readers out there?

Any readers out there?

But today — Yikes!  Views dropped from 181 on Monday to 46 Thursday.  A lot of people must have all been forced to work all day.  I really didn’t expect this much of a drop.  I suppose I was spoiled, but I guess I’ve still got the really loyal core of readers showing up.  So I’m thankful for that.

No Free Lunch?

Unless you’re a member of the Memphis City Council. When I was reporting, I had opportunity to cover council meetings on occasion.  Because the regular meetings are in the evening, there’s usually catering for council members and staff.  If you’re ever in City Hall for a meeting, wait until someone goes through the doors behind the big curved desk the council members sit at.  The food is usually laid out on the other side of those doors in a room behind the council chamber.

Lunch is on the taxpayers!

Lunch is on the taxpayers!

I’m not complaining, mind you.  After all, the council is a part time occupation, and the members are coming from their day jobs.  Rushing from one to the other may not always leave them with time to grab a meal. Which may be why a city council “committee voted to let taxpayers continue to cater council meetings at an average of $300 per meal, or $7,500 per year,” according to a report on WMC-TV’s website.

Of course, times are tighter now than they used to be, and sometimes cuts have to be made.  At my former job, it seems food was being ordered for practically every meeting that took place.  Some people joked that it seemed like meetings were held to justify ordering food on the company’s dime.  But, as the economy turned, there was a lot less free food.  A lot less.  And this was in a company that is still making profits, according to published reports.

You could make the argument that picking up the tab for free eats is a small amount when considering a company’s (or city’s) bottom line.  But the council is charged with cutting what, $50 million out of the budget?  I think in this case Councilman Conrad is right, and it may just be time for him and other members to start brown-bagging it on meeting nights.

Pimp My Blog

I’ve been so wrapped up in the new job this week (and the busted window that nobody wanted to read about) that I missed the latest blog post by my good friend Joe Larkins.

Pal Joey

Pal Joey

Joe’s been in and out of town enough that I haven’t seen him since the day the Kentucky Derby was run.  I have had the chance to chat with him and his lovely young wife (she may be his best move ever).  Anyway, after discussing the latest changes in late night television, he mentioned me being mentioned in the Commercial Appeal earlier this week.  Or “THE ARTICLE” as my friend Terri Relos calls it (she also made fun of the reporter’s reference to my
“optimism and upbeat personality”)

Joe and Bethany have been good friends since I moved to Memphis.  I think she actually rivals my mother in her concern over my well-being… which is sweet.  I don’t like people to worry, but it’s nice when people care about how you’re doing.

Anyway, even though we already list each other on our respective blog rolls, I don’t want to miss an opportunity to encourage you to take a look at my pal Joe’s work.

And if you see any of my former readers out there, tell them I said “hey.”


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