A New Day

Meet the new boss

Meet the new boss

Okay, so I won’t be accused of burying the lead, I’m the newest staff producer/writer at Running Pony Productions. RPP is a well-known production house in the Memphis area.

Here’s how they describe themselves on their website: “Running Pony Productions, a Memphis video production company and digital content producer, was founded in 1994 by two veteran television journalists. In 1999 the company took on a third principal.”

TV viewers might recognize the third principal, Rod Starns, formerly of WMC-TV. We started reporting in Memphis around the same time, and had been in contact after I came back to town to work at FedEx.

Hopefully, you’ll excuse me for dragging this out, but my new co-workers only found out at their morning staff meeting. My first day on the job is tomorrow and hopefully, I’ll be able to add to consistently excellent product they’ve been producing for the last 15 years.

Support your local newspaper

Support your local newspaper

Just a bit after-the-fact…

If possible, please check out Tuesday’s edition of the Commercial Appeal. I’m told I’ll be featured in an article on how some people here in the MidSouth deal with being unemployed.

A reader of this blog passed my info on to the writer, Richard J. Alley (a blogger himself at Richard J. Alley and Urf!). We talked about my various coping mechanisms in late April. A couple of weeks ago, veteran CA photo Mike Maple stopped by the house to take a couple of snaps of me in various states of joblessness.

I didn’t mention being interviewed to too many people, not wanting to jinx things. I was hopeful that showing up in the paper would help spark employers’ attention in my availability, but that’s moot now. I let Richard know that was I on the verge of employment; I think that detail is going in as a “happy ending.” Which is cool.

Whaddya know?

Whaddya know?

Brains on display

This Sunday, 350 or so people (including me), will be showing off their ability to retain mostly useless knowledge. But we’ll be doing it for money.

We’ll be crammed into the Dan McGuinness Pub on Spottswood, taking part in the Memphis Trivia League Championships.

If you drink (or visit bars) in the Memphis area, you may have noticed that many of them hold trivia contests. Several months ago, former TV journalist and retired city official Carey Hoffman talked me into going to the Blue Monkey in downtown Memphis to play. It got to be a habit and I was invited to be on a team that had made the finals before (the team name is Intelligent Design, although we use different names at some bars – like The Producers at the Blue Monkey).

With various groups of people taking part, the team managed to qualify for the tournament at 3 different places (keeping other teams from qualifying cuts down on competition in the semis and the final).

I’d invite you to Dan McGuinness to cheer on the team, but with so many people playing, the sponsor, Challenge Entertainment, says “only qualified teams and participating players will be admitted.” Check out Challenge’s site for winners on June 8.

Settling into a Rhythm

As the days go on, I hope to settle into a new rhythm of things I’ll blog about. Because of my separation agreement with FedEx, that organization won’t be one of the topics. And since I’m still on good behavior with my new employer, I probably won’t do too much on Running Pony either.  Still, Memphis is a big ‘ol, often silly town, so I’m sure we’ll have something to talk about.

I also don’t know yet whether I’ll go in for a permanent name change or stick with “On the Beach.” Even though I’m not on the beach, as far as my employment status goes, life’s still a beach in a lot of ways.  I’ll figure something out.


15 thoughts on “A New Day

  1. Yea, Doug! With your smarts and skills I knew something would break in your favor. May you continue to have a blessings.

  2. What wonderful news, Doug. Your story will surely motivate others and reassure Running Pony of their decision to have you join their team. Best of luck in the new job!

    And don’t give up on Powerball either…who knows?

  3. That’s great news Doug! And you get to stay in Memphis!

    Running Pony is darn lucky you were available.

  4. Dug,

    Great news about Running Pony! I hope they know how fortunate they are to have you as a part of their team.

    Just back from a relaxing/reflective 7 days in Mexico. I may need some help from Trotting Pony, I mean Running Pony on a project.

    I am really happy for you.


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