Getting to say Goodbye

This jumps into the area of the bizarre. My layoff was like a lot of others. The type where the manager and the HR representative call you into an office and give you the bad news. Once informed, you’re escorted out. Happens like that everywhere.

The thing is, if you work in a cubicle farm, that can mean that most everybody else in the office is hunkered down, trying to keep out of sight, hoping they’re not on the list. When that’s the situation, it can be difficult to say goodbye to anyone on the way out.

In my case, I exchanged a lot of e-mails and Facebook messages with my former coworkers. A few have even stopped by the house to commiserate. Like a lot of people, I imagine making the triumphant return to the office after winning the lottery and buying the company. Unfortunately, my old company is way too big for that. Also, Powerball just toys with me, keeping her jackpot just out of reach.

Turns out that I can make a semi-triumphant return. Another of my former coworkers is leaving. In her case, her contract is up, so she’s leaving on her own – she’s even getting a going-away party. My old manager says it’s okay if I stop by, and says that the department’s HR rep says that kind of appearance doesn’t break any rules. So, for those of you at the office who read this early, I’ll see you in a while. If you read it late, it was nice to see you.

News & Notes

Stand by for news!

I may be getting close to a major announcement on the job front. Nothing’s officially official yet, so no hints except to say that it looks as though I won’t have to go through the incredible hassle of trying to sell the house. Of course, I haven’t checked Wednesday’s Powerball tickets yet. If I win, that changes everything… if I win that $222 million, this will probably be my last blog post.

Mick & Keith come through!

A few months ago, a person I know put together a tribute video for her mother’s birthday. I helped a little – I scanned some of the photos she used. We kinda fell out over something trivial, so I only heard second-hand that the video played well at the party.

I was wandering around Facebook earlier tonight and saw that the video was posted on that person’s page, so I went ahead and played it. It began with a song by the Rolling Stones in the background. My first thought was ‘who pays tribute to their mother with a Stones song?’ Then I actually listened to hear which song it was. “She’s a Rainbow,” from 1967.

When you have some of Mick Jagger’s better lyrics, like

“Have you seen her all in gold?
Like a queen in days of old
She shoots colors all around
Like a sunset going down
Have you seen a lady fairer?”

it becomes an excellent choice. Nice work.

(And did you know that John Paul Jones, the bassist from Led Zeppelin did the string arrangement for that song?)

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