Never Give Up

I’d been having some real problems decided what to post about today. So many, that I just skipped putting something up Tuesday night. I sat around this morning trying to come up with something when I flipped past CNN.

First, Heidi Collins was anchoring. I never worked with her a lot, but she’s a nice person and we have both worked with the delightful Paula Haddock at different local stations. Heidi’s also got nice enough legs to be Fox News, where they seem to make a much bigger deal of showcasing the physical attributes of their female anchors. Don’t get me wrong, I like watching attractive women read the news as well as the next guy, but it seems kinda pervy to so obviously objectify your anchors. Well, Rupert Murdoch is doing a lot better than I am, so he must know something I don’t.

Anyway, Heidi was reading the story about O.J. Simpson. He’s appealing his conviction on robbery and kidnapping. He’s claiming there wasn’t enough racial diversity on the jury. His lawyers also say the judge didn’t do enough to keep Simpson’s notoriety from tainting the jury pool. You gotta love the brass that O.J. still has after all these years.

If you want a diverse jury, commit your crimes in a diverse community. And didn’t his lawyers approve of every single member of the jury during voir dire? Don’t want people to hold your past against you? Don’t kill any innocent people. How about that?

Still, the legal flailings of the obviously guilty have some bearing on those of us in the ranks of the unemployed. No matter how bleak things seem, it’s always important to keep looking for opportunities. You never know when something’s going to pop up, so keep searching, keep applying, keep networking!

I’m going to skip watching Tony Harris (also a nice person, but a bit loud for me), but I’ll probably come back for Kyra Phillips‘ newscast on CNN. She’s my favorite news redhead anyway.


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