Moving Forward

Holidays work a lot better when you’re working. Otherwise, what are you getting a day off from? That’s the situation I’m going through right now. I spent the last part of last week splitting the driving with someone going out of town. Got back Saturday, just before the Sunset Symphony, which I somehow remembered as happening on Sunday. So I was more than a little confused when Monday rolled around, since it felt like it was the day before.

And then there’s the blog. I’ve probably become too invested in it, making sure I had posts for Thursday and Friday of last week… forgetting that a lot of folks would be checking out for the 3-day (or 4 for some) weekend. Very few hits Thursday, Friday or Monday, since nearly everyone was out enjoying the holiday, instead of reading my blog at work (it’s okay, I won’t tell).

However, Tuesday means back to work. And even though I’m not officially employed, that includes me. I got another rejection e-mail the other day, which means I should be picking up the pace of looking for my next career step. Or my next it’s-not-great-but-it’ll-help-me-pay-the-bills-job.

Of course, one thing that seems to be a constant in my job search is that there still aren’t a lot of openings in what I do near where I live. I know it’s only going on two months, so I really didn’t expect the economic to have turned around by now… but still, I’d have hoped that there would be some movement, an uptick, something…

News & Notes

As I mentioned earlier, I was out of town last week. I spent a couple of days in Chicago, which added to my time confusion. I was splitting the driving with someone going up for a job interview. Nothing for me to do but get in a little sightseeing. Forgot to take along my good camera, do I had to make do with camera on my cell phone.

I only had the chance to wander around downtown, so I only have a couple of shots on and around Michigan Avenue.

Water TowerOf course, I stopped by the Water Tower. I was also in Water Tower Place, which is a multi-story shopping mall down the street. This was more interesting.

Wrigley BldgThere was also the Wrigley Building. I should have gotten a shot of the Realtors Building immediately to the north of this building. If you’ve ever seen an episode of the Bob Newhart show (the one where he was the psychologist, not the inn keeper), you’d recognize it as where he had his office. I was in front of it several years ago when I actually heard a guy tell the woman he was with “hey, it’s the “Bob Newhart Building…”

LifeguardsI walked under Lakeshore Drive and hung out by Lake Michigan. A couple of lifeguards were hanging out by the edge of the water. Who knew they had lifeguards by a Great Lake?

Anyway, I was wiped when I got home Saturday, so I did not attend the symphony along the Mississippi River, but I was able to get an okay view of the fireworks from my living room window, which was nice, although I really miss WREG broadcasting the event. It would have looked great in HD.

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