Swine flu to BBQ

I love dichotomy. I was reminded of this today as I sat in my living room, considering my next moves in my job search. A person walked by, heading west. A few minutes later, a few more people went by in the same direction. Then a couple of people on a golf cart drove by. There’s usually very little foot traffic on my street. I live in what was a rapidly-developing part of downtown Memphis. Was, before the housing market went ker-blooey. So, when you see real people around here, it means something is going on. Then I remembered; the barbecue cooking contest starts Thursday.

Over the next few days, thousands of people who usually have very little to do with downtown Memphis will head down to Tom Lee Park to pay homage to the scent and taste of roasting pig. All of this, just days after it seemed the entire area was gripped in fear of pigs… that is, of contracting H1N1 (swine flu to most of us). Oh well, if it’s not terrifying us, we’re looking for opportunities to slather it in sauce and devour as much of it as we can.

Beside loving the dichotomy of pig (which had better not end up the name of a band on “$5 Cover”), I was also feeling a little contrite today. I was flattered when I found out my humble musings had been quoted in the Memphis Blog, a “guided tour of the best blogging in Memphis,” compiled by the folks at the Commercial Appeal. That’s when I reminded myself that I’ve been petty enough to call out a couple of people in the blog, which is not what I originally set out to do with this. While I haven’t used any names, neither of these people did anything that could be considered really bad. Sorry ladies.

This would be a good time to make a promise to not do that anymore, but where’s the fun in that? I heard that a former co-worker had misplaced his wallet Wednesday, and was understandably concerned. He swears he never carries cash, so he shouldn’t have been worried about that. He had several credit cards, which would be a hassle to cancel, but it wasn’t that either. No, the thing he was most worried about was that he had his and his child’s Social Security cards in his wallet!

Unless you’re the CEO of LifeLock, you don’t take a chance of having your SSN anywhere where some ne’er do well might get his hands on it. I’ve had a number of discussions with this particular person, with the upshot of most being me asking in an exasperated tone “what were you thinking?” Because of that, I’m almost glad I’m not at the office anymore. I think my head would have exploded. But I know several people at my old job read this – and they know who I’m talking about. Please make sure he sees this.

So, here’s my next-to-last call out for a while: Dude, one credit card, one debit card. A little cash to get through the day. Health and auto insurance cards. That’s all you need in the wallet. Put the Social Security cards under lock and key. Unless you’re applying for retirement or disability – what else are you going to need them for? Don’t take a chance on identity theft and please – don’t make me ask someone at the office to slap you in the back of your head.

Here’s my last call out – U.S. Postal Service – what are you people doing? I put in a vacation stop request for Saturday and Monday while I was in Ohio. So of course, they stuffed mail for both of those days into my mailbox while I was gone. Delivery was supposed to re-start Tuesday. Which has meant no mail either Tuesday or Wednesday. My unemployment check usually comes Thursday. I’m going to be very not happy if my mail doesn’t come today.

Tomorrow I’ll try and get back to some of that “best blogging in Memphis” I was accused of.


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