Mr. Right Now? Right…

Okay. I probably shouldn’t mention this, but when I lost my job, I sent an e-mail to a friend of mine who is now a local business owner and politician of some note. That person said they’d get back to me, but hasn’t in over a month. That’s even with me sending a second e-mail and calling their office and leaving a message.

I completely understand, considering the fact that they’re running a business, performing their public service and planning a run for higher office. But, I was tickled today when I saw that person had sent me an invitation to become a fan of their Facebook page. I was actually telling people this person would be a good choice for higher office before I moved back to the area two years ago. So, I do have confidence in their ability. Still, if you’ve got time to ask me for my support on Facebook, you can return an e-mail or phone call from a guy looking for work… especially if your upcoming campaign is going to need media help. Just saying.

Anyway, my actual topic for the day comes from an article I read on It’s another of many job-related sites I go through now. Anyway, Amy Hoover asks and answers the question “Is it OK to Settle?

Ms. Hoover makes the point that people looking for work in the current economy should not be holding out for something just like they had, saying “I’m here to tell you it’s OK to settle for what I like to call Mr. Right-Now,” pointing out that having any job is the most important thing.

Okay, if you were with me on May 3rd, you know from my post, “How High the Moon,” that I looked at the same issue, noting how difficult it would be, particularly around here, to find something with similar compensation to what I had. Of course, I also brought up the point that my career placement center had pushed having a “walk away” point. That’s when you know exactly how much money you need to get by, and being willing to walk away if an job offer didn’t come up to that level.

Still, when it comes down to it, the situation may be that you can’t afford to walk away from anything, even if it’s not quite enough to get by. My pest control guy does that during the day, works somewhere else overnight and plays gigs as a jazz musician. I wonder whether I’ll find it necessary to become a “job slut” and accept as many of Ms. Hoover’s “Mr. Right Nows” as necessary to make ends meet.

Just don’t lose respect for me if I do, okay?


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