Fuzzy Logic

It’s kinda late, I’m listening to Pasty Cline and my left knee aches from being cramped in a car for 9 hours. So I go into this knowing I may not be thinking clearly.

One thing about long drives is that they give you a tremendous opportunity to consider your options. That is, once you get tired of singing along with the iPod blasting through the stereo speakers.

Most of the things you think about are things that really should already be determined, such as; what is direction of your job search, where do you want to end up and what would you prefer to end up doing? After all, it’s been more than a month, and I’m well past the acceptance stage of the process. I know that there are a lot of people around my age who are having to learn new skills because their previous industries have evaporated.

Media production doesn’t really fall into that. Even if you listen to the people who think they’re on the cutting edge because they’ve heard a lecture on Twitter, TV isn’t dead or dying. The Internet may be the future, but even websites use professionally-produced video. However, as Sir Mix-a-lot said, there’s a big “but” to that. When organizations have to start cutting back, their first targets are often the things that they see as extraneous – such as videos – whether used for marketing, advertising or training.

That’s the first part. The second is that while businesses in Memphis use that type of production, this isn’t necessarily a hotbed of media production. Not as much as larger cities. It kind of reminds me of working for CNN in Atlanta. When people got fed up and wanted to leave, they often found themselves limited. After all, it’s the about the only game in town at that level. A person couldn’t very well go to the global cable news operation across the street. Not without moving to New York or Washington.

I’m going to be tied up for the next couple of days, but it may be a good idea to expand my search parameters when I have the chance. I still don’t really want to leave Memphis, but it’s probably a good idea to see what’s out there beyond the immediate area.

Okay, the iPod is up to Herbie Mann now and not only does my knee still hurt, I’ve actually got to get up early Tuesday. No news or notes for this post.


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