Starting anew

After a pleasant weekend with my family celebrating Mother’s Day, I’m ready to get back on the horse and take another ride through looking-for-work country.

Of course, the first thing I have to do is spend 8.5 hours on the road, driving back to Memphis.  It’s a nice enough drive, winding through Cincinnati, Louisville, Nashville and Jackson, before getting back to Shelby County.

I’m still waiting to hear on some local opportunities, but I am edging a little closer to moving my search outside the MidSouth. I haven’t actually lived in the town I grew up in since getting my first TV job in 1986, but Columbus is pretty nice. It’s a lot bigger than it was when I lived here. The economy is hitting the area as hard as everywhere else, but it’s still the state capital, which means a lot of government jobs and THE Ohio State University is there, which means another lot of government jobs.

I do need to keep in mind that the seasonal changes are harsher down here than they are in my part of Tennessee. It’s been a long time since I’ve had to shovel snow.

I’ve also lived in Nashville and Atlanta in the last 10 years. Both are nice enough places with a lot of opportunities; although the traffic really bites in both places.  Still, it might be better to go with the places you know than start completely fresh.

I have had a couple more people ask for my resume while promising to keep an eye out for opportunities. That’s always a good thing; you never know when someone will hear of something. I would still be happy to pick up some Powerball money from the Tennessee Lottery. Although, I wonder whether I’ll want to keep working if I picked up a big honking check.

News & Notes:

“Trivial pursuit”

I got the news long distance that my trivia team did well in its semi-final match Sunday night. Only two of the 5 team members were there, but apparently that’s all it took. We had qualified for the semis in 3 places, so we had two more chances to advance if need be. I’m told that the finals can be a lot harder. So, I’m sure all 5 of us need to be there for that.

Farewell to a Friend

The Internet carries all kinds of news and information. Some good, some not. A series of notes on different Facebook pages has brought news that a friend and former co-worker passed away last month. Susan Browning had been the health reporter at WREG when I arrived there in 1990. Her husband Don was one of the station’s videographers.

The Brownings had been in Florida for the past few years. That’s where Susan passed away last month. I didn’t know her too long before they left Memphis, but I always thought she was a delightful person. Former NC3 producer Joe Gannon found this link in the Orlando Sentinel. Please keep Don and their children in your thoughts today.

4 thoughts on “Starting anew

  1. Hi Doug,

    Your blog turned up on my Google Alert for “Cincinnati Jobs”. I suppose if you had flown to Columbus I’d never have seen it. 🙂

    You paint a wonderfully realistic picture of modern-day job searching. I share your frustration as well as your quiet determination. Keep the blog going! And good luck.


  2. Doug, how tragic about Susan Browning. this really hit me hard. Susan and I were friends. I went to her wedding. I even kept up with her when she moved…at first. And, when she came back into town, we always tried to plan some time to see each other. I don’t think we’ve been in touch for a few years. I wonder what she died of. I am very very sad today. I’m so glad I read your entry.

  3. Hey Doug,

    Like Ruth Ann, I had no idea about Susan until I read it here on your site. 48, that’s close to home. Best to her family in this tough, tough time. Susan was one of the good gals in the biz.

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