I’m Melting…

Okay, I’m over the thing with the guy at the place. Just a slight psychic setback.

Now, is this good news or bad? Here’s an update from the New York Times Friday morning:

The United States economy lost 539,000 jobs in April, the
government reported on Friday, a sign that the relentless
pace of job losses was starting to level off slightly.

It goes on to say the unemployment rate is at its highest point in a generation… which still has me asking how that’s good. They then expand on the point that the rate at which jobs are being lost is slowing down.

To me, this suggests that while things are still bad, they’re not getting as bad as quickly as they had been – not that anything is improving. Once massive hiring starts – that’s when things will be “getting better.”

Everybody’s Doing It…

Blogging about not having a job, that is. I’m not a regular reader of the Wall St. Journal, but in their blog section, there’s a series called “Laid Off and Looking.” Eight MBA’s who’ve lost their jobs blog about their experiences in what the WSJ calls “a post-meltdown world.” Here’s a headline guys – it’s still melting. When things turn about, then it’s post-meltdown.

Still, it’s not a bad idea. Perhaps the local daily or one of the TV stations could focus on the economic situation by featuring actually Mid-southerners who are out of work. It would give a serious problem some additional exposure.

I’ll be visiting family for the next couple of days, but I do plan to have a brand new post up on Monday morning. Happy Mother’s Day everyone!


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