How Can You Laugh (When You Know I’m Down)?

For all intents & purposes, I should be a little more upbeat than I am. I had a very positive second interview Wednesday, as well as a productive conservation with the head of HR at a very large local corporation. While no offers have emerged, both events are good signs of progress in the job hunt. My second unemployment check came too, and while not a lot of money, every little bit helps.

I also got a rejection letter. It’s not the first one I’ve gotten. If I saved every rejection letter I’d ever gotten from a TV news director, I could cover every wall in my house. Usually, they don’t bother me. This time, it’s the principle of the thing. It came from a station where I used to work… where I was a manager… where I left on good terms… and where a number of people at the station had personally vouched for my ability and character. As it is, I literally live around corner from the station, but there was no interview, no call, no e-mail. Just a letter saying after a number of interviews, someone else had been hired.

I certainly could have been more aggressive in seeking the position. A former boss of mine (who had also recommended me) gave me the news director’s office and cell phone numbers. I didn’t use them, thinking the quality of the credentials on my resume should have prompted some interest. The GM of the station, whom I’ve known for 19 years, had suggested to mutual friends that I come by and fill in an application. Even though that suggestion felt like a slap in the face, I certainly could have swallowed my pride and done it.

I’ve got to wonder. Someone’s available who knows the market, knows the station & staff and has made the choice to come back to town with major market and network news experience, along with a pair of management degrees — and you don’t even talk to that person? Does that seem odd to anyone else? Oh wait, I’ve got another one… I’ve got several years of experience as a health reporter at the same time as a major influenza outbreak. This is making my head spin.

I’m going to go ahead and subscribe to the school of thought that’s been suggested by a couple of friends already – it’s for the best, it’s fate, I really didn’t want to go back into news… all that.

One suggestion for my old station. Since you’ve filled the job, how about taking the job posting off your website?

Edit: Because I’m all about live, local & latebreaking, this nugget, gleaned from NewsBlues: Agent Rick Gevers reports that Bob Noonan, news director at Tribune’s WGNO-26-ABC in New Orleans (Market #53), is leaving the station to become assistant ND at Local TV’s WREG-3-CBS in Memphis (Market #48).

Congratulations and good luck Bob.

6 thoughts on “How Can You Laugh (When You Know I’m Down)?

  1. You may make too much money, Doug. Tell me, did you really, REALLY want to take a step backward? Push on, baby.

    • I don’t think most places will to try to match what I used to make, and I wouldn’t expect a lot of them to… And when you don’t have anyplace to step, even backward can work…

  2. Agreed, their loss. Doug after 5 years away from television news and now on our 5th month without television in this household now, I have never been more glad to be away from it. If we can’t download it on Itunes or Netflix it we don’t see it if it’s not on the internet.

    It’s a very bad business these days and you have way too much character for this, I agree with Karen, push on. The right there is out there and I think you hit it, it’s fate telling you that.

    BTW, is Bob Eoff still GM there or is he gone?

    • Tommy,

      If you’re up at 3:34 AM, it shows you’re getting an extra-early start to the day! And Mr. Eoff heads marketing and communications for the University of Memphis State University. Ron Walter is the current GM at ‘REG.

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