Do What?

As I move through the thicket of life without work, I’m always on the lookout for words of wisdom that may help. This one is kind of a head-scratcher. The fine folks at Breakthrough Coaching posted “Ten Avoidable Career Mistakes.” Here’s number one:

Avoidable Mistake #1: You combine your short-term financial needs with your long-term life/career goals and seek to satisfy both at the same time. You attempt to move forward without a secure financial base to build upon.

Well, okay, but I’m out of a job. I have very real short-term financial needs that must be satisfied. At the same time, I would like any job I find to be a reasonable step toward meeting my longer term goals. I think it might be a tad unrealistic to try and separate the two things completely. After all, taking a job only to meet immediate financial needs is a last resort. I think any of us looking for work would prefer to find something we want to do — that also pays the bills.

And I guess the other thing about that little nugget of advice is that you can’t always afford to start from a firm financial base. I read (with concern) the story of a man who lives near Nashville. Out of work for 8 months, he only has unemployment and his Navy pension and may be closing in on foreclosure. The story, called Job Search Reaches Dead End, notes that he hasn’t been able to find any type of job, even manual labor. He thinks his age (the same as mine) may be scaring some employers off, if they believe they can find less expensive help.

While my career trainers urge me and the other folks looking for work to always (always) bargain when it comes to salary… I wonder about that piece of advice too. No, I guess you don’t want to come too cheap to a new job, but I wouldn’t think you’d want to negotiate yourself out of their price range either.

News & Notes:

Mainly on the Plain…

So, it rains in downtown Memphis on Friday, Saturday & Sunday, giving a lot of people the opportunity to attend the Beale St. Music Festival and get some mud with their music. Monday? Dry as a bone. Mother Nature either doesn’t like music or she’s got a wicked sense of humor.


I’ve been in and around the news business long enough to watch coverage lurch from one crisis to another scandal, almost in the time it takes to draw a breath. Still, it seems like Swine Flu has traveled to the back burner awfully quickly.


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