I’ll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today

After all, Wimpy had an honest face, didn’t he?

Our glutenous friend’s observation to Popeye comes to mind after stopping by a few job websites that offer not only the moon and the sun, but the stars as well. They promise access to hidden jobs, well-paying jobs, the kind of jobs the rich & famous would have if they had to have jobs. It only costs job seekers a “small” fee to get details on those jobs and how to apply for them.

I have paid for access to job sites before. I’m just a little leery now because I don’t have much disposable income. It’s always easier to look for a job when you have a job. Those pesky employers though, they don’t really like you using their time to find your next gig.

It’s always something for… something. Even the career center (not “outplacement” center) that I’m going to claims to have access to jobs that “aren’t listed on most sites.” Good thing someone else is paying for my access there, otherwise, I wouldn’t know anything about them. And if I were in IT, they might actually help me. Curse that desire of mine to go into communications. Did you know when I was in high school, the engineering department at the Ohio State University tried recruiting me? They had seen my PSAT results and practically wet their collective pants. No, I thought. All the really hot women were at the Journalism school. Stupid me, most of them were in the public relations section, not broadcast.

Anyway, back to my point. While I have paid for access to job sites, I haven’t had any more luck with them than free sites. So why pay when there’s no guarantee of success? Hmmm, I wonder if I’ve found the chink in that particular armor?

Here’s my offer all you pay job sites, I’ll gladly pay you Tuesday (or some undefined time in the future) for a look at your job listings today.  Any takers?

News & notes:

Hey! Is that your hat in the ring?

I’ve followed the “will the mayor run for Congress” story with interest. I think that Mayor Herenton has had a singularly fascinating career in public service. I spent much of the summer of ’91 covering the “Peoples’ Convention” that selected Herenton as the consensus black candidate to run against Dick Hackett. I wasn’t surprised when Herenton won; after all, the changing demographics should have supported any strong black candidate.

I wasn’t surprised he kept winning during the nearly 10 years I spent away from Memphis. It’s difficult to lose an office around here – unless you do something blatantly criminal – as the number of former (and incarcerated) office holders prove. I have seen arrogance come back on politicians. Bill Campbell was the celebrated mayor when I moved to Atlanta. He was the dishonored, convicted and jailed ex-mayor by the time I left.

Still, I’ve told several people that I’m willing to put money on the fact that the mayor will not run for Congress. I’m not knocking his drive, ambition or political savvy. I’ve had at least one of his former confidants stop talking to me when it seems like I’m bad mouthing the mayor.

No, I think this is on a par with his flirtation with the school superintendency a few months back. When he floated the trial balloon of resigning if he got the school job, I think he expected a better reception from the school board than actually occurred. Once it looked like he’d have to go through the application process like anyone else, he decided to keep the job he had.

Rep. Cohen has been as devoted to public service nearly as long as the mayor has. Cohen was a good state senator and is a good congressman. It was absolutely no surprise that the congressman said he had no plans to walk away from his job.

Just as it’s no surprise that Action News 5’s poll shows Cohen with a sizable margin over Herenton among black and white voters. Sure, that’s if the election were held today, but unless Cohen falls into some incredible scandal (doubtful) and Herenton discovers a vaccine for swine flu (also doubtful, even though he is a doctor, just not the right kind), things won’t change.

And since there won’t be a noticeable swell of public support for the mayor changing jobs, I think we’ll see in a few weeks or months that his attention will have moved on to something else, and he’ll be brushing off any talk of a congressional run as the crazed ramblings of the reporters who follow him around City Hall. Mark my words.

2 thoughts on “I’ll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today

  1. You’re one of the finest journalist I’ve ever worked with. And for what it’s worth, engineers are having a tough time as well. Hot women in journalism school? Doug, haven’t you learned your lesson yet? Geezzz!

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