Pressure? No Pressure! Well…

“Stay loose and relaxed inside, though — you need to be flexible enough to recognize a gigantic opportunity when it appears.”

That’s a line from my horoscope today. I’ve had incredible opportunities literally sitting in my lap and not taken advantage. I don’t know whether that’s fear of the unknown, lack of confidence or plain old stupidity (can’t fix that, you know).

My bills are covered for the next couple of months… but I’m hoping it doesn’t get too hot too quickly, because I’m scared to turn on the air conditioning because it’ll run up my Light, Gas & Water bill. Everything in the house is fine, but my home warranty expires at the end of May, so I’m sure the roof will collapse on June 1st. The car’s been paid off for years, so you know it’s just waiting for the right time to fall apart…

Someone told me that they couldn’t believe how well I’m taking the whole jobless thing. Lemme tell you – inside, I’m one big white knuckle. The job training and placement people tell you to be confident and assured when talking to potential employers – they don’t like desperation… Have they been watching the news for the last two years!!!?? Seriously, even when I was employed, I could completely understand how people without jobs could feel as if the world were coming apart.

That’s the thing about opportunity. There’s no telling when, where or how it will present itself. And sometimes, it can be difficult to recognize without a big ol’ label marked “opportunity” slapped across the front.


Flu-ish? Some of my best friends are flu-ish…
It’s not a good time to be loose pork.

From my friends at CNN to local news, I’ve noticed the breathless coverage of the swine flu outbreak. While I can understand the reportage in states bordering Mexico and in NY, where cases have appeared, the rush to cover the outbreak here in the Mid-South seems a little clown car-ish.

I know from my days on the health beat that my producers would have been screaming (more of a raspy bark from one of them) for local experts from the health department or the University of Tennessee medical school on the risk, symptoms and treatment of the porcine-related influenza.

A bit of advice (which I know will be ignored) – relax. If it ain’t here, no one here is sick. Too much local coverage will have people more afraid of those of Mexican descent among us than they already area.

And it’s just like with most other transmittable illnesses. Wash your hands – a lot. Make sure surfaces are clean. Don’t eat food that other people have had their hands all over (restaurants are required to post health department inspection scores as close to their front doors as possible – it the score is below 90, maybe eat some where else).


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