Should I stay or should I go?

Beset by numerous random thoughts Sunday evening. One recurs every Sunday as I head upstairs at the end of the evening – I’ve got nowhere to go Monday morning. No matter what irons are on the fire or new job avenues there are to explore, they lack the reassurance of knowing a paycheck will come before the mortgage is due.

For someone who does what I do, the Memphis job market is doing its best impression of the Sahara Desert. Dry, empty, nothing to be seen on the horizon. If there are jobs in communications or media out there, they are in scant supply.

A friend who works for the Feds sent me a link to the other day, pre-searched for “public affairs.” There are 40 pages of results with more than 6400 openings.  Know how many are around here?  Ten, and none of them are true media jobs.

That being the case, do I expand my search beyond the Bluff City? I came back to Memphis because I like it here, regardless of our crime ranking and often cartoonish political scene. I’m also worried about putting a house on the market right now. Still, if I want to do what I do, and the only place I can do it is someplace else, should I hit the road, or try to hold on here?

When my final check comes in, I’ll have some breathing room before having to make that decision. Although I wonder whether I should say “if;” not because I doubt the company will pay, just because I’m going to be nervous about it until it’s in my hand. Same thing with Unemployment. No check = Worry. Check = Temporary reassurance.

I did get out Saturday night. Invited by a friend of a friend. Most of the people were from the Legal Department of my former employer. Yikes! No one asked, so I didn’t mention we were former colleagues. Surreal? You betcha!

I’m going to have to do some cold calling Monday. I hate the feeling that I’m imposing, even though I’m not.

Let’s try to end on an up note. Several of my friends and relatives have birthdays this month, including one yesterday. Money’s a little tight or I would have sent cards… Still, happy birthday everyone!

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