Bits ‘n’ Pieces for Friday

I said I was going to blog daily; but I really don’t have a lot to say today, so here’s some randomness.

Attended Career center class on networking Thursday. Several people were actually networking before the class ended. One offered to pass my name along to someone in the local media. Another gathered our e-mails so we could all connect on LinkedIn.

Heard Andy Wise on Drake & Zeke Thursday morning. I’ve always liked Andy since we worked together at WREG. Just a big furious ball of energy, that guy. Some people on TV can grate; but Andy is sincere about the work he’s doing which is why I think he gets the response he does from viewers.

A friend of mine got me started going to trivia matches several months ago. We haven’t been speaking lately (which is unfortunate). I’ve lucked into a spot on a team that has done well in previous city-wide tournaments. We won Monday at our regular bar, got a perfect score Tuesday at our secondary bar, and pushed our luck at a third bar on Thursday. We led into the final bonus question but blew the answer (In case you didn’t know, Mickey Rooney was born before Judy Garland). Still, we’ll definitely qualify for the tournament. It’s all a part of maintaining regular activities after losing a job.

Interview skills class at the career center on Friday. I’m comfortable with that. The good news is that they’re going to cover negotiation too.


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