Stop me if you’ve heard this one…

So I’m at a party Sunday evening. Birthday celebration for several members of the same family. The emcee is calling people up to say nice things about the birthday people. Calls me up. Completely out of the blue. I get up to the mic, trying to think of something to say that won’t sound too stupid. I made every effort to be gracious to everyone… But it took all I had to not say, “by the way everyone, I just lost my job, so if you know about anything, please stop by my table…”

I’m sure some of you are wondering what would have been wrong with that. I’ve been home for an hour, and I’m still wrestling with that one. I suppose good taste and propriety create a slight barrier to networking everywhere… You know… if you’re in the car at the drive-thru, “sure I’ll take fries with that.. oh, and are there any openings in there?”


When I was in college, another student and I started a half-hour newscast using pieces produced by other students. You’d think a school the size of The Ohio State University would have already had that system in place – but no.

Anyway, my shooting partner in reporting class provided fitness reports for the program. She was good at it, and by gum, looked so much better in tights than any of the rest of us. That was more than 20 years ago, and she still looks like she’s in college. When she found out I was on the beach, she reminded me to make sure I used my down time to stay fit, saying I’d be better prepared to start a new job. Good looking… and smart.

It’s incredibly easy to fall out of any good habits you had while working. I was on a team at work taking part in a “biggest loser”-style contest. The team was doing well, and I was down about 20 pounds. I’ve only picked up three lbs. since losing my job, trying to take my friend Lynda’s advice  to heart.

It’s kind of a challenge, not to find the time to exercise, goodness knows, I’ve got the time. It’s just that people keep offering to either fix or buy me meals. It’d be incredibly easy to blow up while looking for work. So, stick to your good habits. Or use this as an opportunity to create some good habits.

And, if you want to see how incredibly young someone I went to college with still looks, along with getting valuable information on holding and getting good deals at garage sales, please check out Lynda Hammond’s website The Garage Sale Gal at:


3 thoughts on “Stop me if you’ve heard this one…

  1. Doug,
    So, could you be any sweeter? Thanks for the kind words. We’re in Las Vegas now for RTNDA/NAB–you should be here–networking! Kevin is working, I’m playing–but headed for the convention floor later today to strutt my “fit” garage sale gal bod!!! Kidding! But seriously I will pick up any freebies then head for the casinos and shops! Tough life!’re such a great writer…write a book!! Words come so easily to you and you’re very articulate–do it!!
    Love you! Lynda

  2. You made the right choice. Some times & places are just not appropriate…like at a funeral…knowing that the deceased may have left an opening at the ‘perfect job’ – still don’t do it.

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