Step into my web…

Spend anytime without a job and look at any article, website, blog or other piece looking at the process of finding work and all will promote the value of networking. And even though I’m still one of 10% of the Tennessee workforce who are unemployed – I completely agree.

I’ve been separated from jobs two other times in my adult life (radio in 1984, TV in 1988), and both times, I found my next jobs through personal connections. Someone I knew got in touch with me and let me know about a job they’d heard about. That’s why I’ve been aggressive (for me) about telling people about my situation. In fact, I got my first legitimate contact about a possible opening before I was escorted off the property of my former employer. It hasn’t turned into a job yet, but you never know.

One of the good things about this Internet-based society is that it’s gotten a lot easier to get in touch with people. In the 80s, I was spending major telephone time trying to reach out to everyone I knew. Between Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and e-mail, creating an initial network has become easier.

I went to a Red Cross luncheon this week (got to hear retired Lt. Gen. Russell Honoré, who is a hoot, by the way). I ended up at the table of my former company and mentioned my job status to one of the people there. At first, they were a tiny bit taken aback, and wondered why I had said anything. Before the end of the event, that person had mentioned my situation to several of the people there and asked for their help – classic networking-by-proxy.


Another former news director shout out. Everyone in news has stories about good news directors and bad ones. Mike Cutler falls into the good category. I worked for Mike at WTVF in Nashville. I had not contacted him directly about my situation, but he’s aware of what’s going on and got in touch with me with some extremely helpful information. Thanks again, Mike. Same thing for Ted Iliff, who hired me at CNN.

It’s been two weeks since what some people are calling “Black Friday.” One of my fellow travelers made that point at resume training today. Unlike most two week breaks, this feels nothing like a vacation.


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