News from the front

I received my first rejection e-mail today. “Hi, we think you’re pretty, but we’re looking for someone even prettier than you,” kind of thing. It was a PR job at a large, local healthcare and research operation. Actually a place where I had spent a lot of time as a reporter on the health beat back in the 90s. I’m pretty sure it was their standard rejection note; I’d heard about similar language from another person they’d turned down in the past.

Like many rejection notes, it has the standard line, “while your skills are impressive, we’ve decided to pursue other candidates…”  I’m not sure whether I care for that or not. “You’re good, but…” kind of leaves you wondering… gee, maybe they’ve found the be-all and end-all in public relations… and that person is willing to work for $30K!

I do understand the other side of this particular coin. I’ve had several jobs where I’ve been in a position to hire, so I know how cold it can be to tell someone you’re not going to give them the job they’ve been looking for.  And yes, I did have a basic form letter I went to eventually… but I did try to personalize parts of those letters, to at least give people the idea that I was willing to take some of my time to let them down.

I also had a semi-formal interview this morning. On the way, I saw from the big Powerball billboard on 240 that someone had won Wednesday’s jackpot. Once I got home, I found out that someone in DC had won my chance at early retirement – although I did win $6.  Maybe it’s a sign that I’ll do better in Saturday’s drawing.

Back to the interview. It was with someone I’ve known for long time, so it went well. Since the company doesn’t have a specific opening right now, I won’t jinx my chances by going into too much detail.

Outplacement classes start Monday! Stayed tuned to find out how that goes!

One thought on “News from the front

  1. How can anyone NOT hire you???? It boggles the mind. I have another friend who was just laid off elsewhere. I will keep my eyes open for both of you.

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